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Already Prettypoll: Where Do You Love to Shop?

A question that I’m asked often and bungle just about every time is this: Where do you love to shop? I bungle it because I am such a focused shopper that I typically quest for a single, highly specific item online and then buy it. Online. Aside from thrifting, I don’t really shop in person much anymore.

So my top picks are Amazon and eBay, with a side order of Etsy for jewelry and accessories. But in terms of brick-and-mortar stores? I’m surprisedĀ to report that I’ve become a total sucker for the Gap. Their designs are just minimalist enough to be versatile, and just interesting enough to avoid seeming bland. Tiny boutiques rank high, too, and I love Local Motion and Showroom here in Minneapolis, The Mexican Shop in the Chicago ‘burbs, just about every shop in Hayes Valley, and Diana Kane in Park Slope. read more