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Searching For Balance

I love dialogue.  Not the dialogue you find in a movie or a book, but true life, in-person dialogue.  Especially with someone who is willing to speak their mind, even if their opinions might be considered to be offensive.  Recently I had some great conversations with a good friend, someone who just found out that I am transgender about a year ago.  Yeah, that is what happens with trans people; We are who we are, and generally we have known who we are for a long time, yet we still feel that we cannot share who we are even with our best friends. read more

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White Tunic

Tunic – White House Black MarketSimilar
Leggings – White House Black Market
Sandals – Rocket DogSimilar
Belt – MossimoSimilar
Bangles – TorridSimilar

This is an outfit that I wore the other day when my wife and I went to get our nails done.  I’m kind of picky about what I’m going to wear when I go to have my nails done.  First off, my pants obviously need to be hiked up for the pedicure.  Being as my thighs are pretty normal, and are larger than my calves, pulling up my pants is often pretty difficult.  Thus I often think, I should wear a skirt, but then I have to deal with having my crotch pointed directly at whoever is doing my nails, um NO!  I have unfortunately been the recipient of many a story about transgender humans who come in for their nails and at the same time want to give a “free peep show” to the nail tech. read more

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Lazy Girl Hair Cream

My friend Melanie has perfect hair. It’s either stick straight and glossy or perfectly, evenly curled, no frizz. It’s an intense, vibrant burgundy color that always looks like she just came from the salon. Sometimes when we go out, I steal a glance at it and say to myself, “Your hair can look like that too, if you put effort into it.” And then the ephemeral thought disappears into the ether from whence it came. I forget for a while that I ever aspired to such a thing until I see her again. I consider buying a blow dryer for one hour, don’t, and then get on with my life. read more

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