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The Little Things

Most body-love calls to action either focus on the whole, asking you to accept yourself entirely, or emphasize the bigger, weight-influenced limb groups like bellies, butts, and boobs. Broad strokes, big goals. And depending on where you’re at in your personal body image journey, those broad strokes and big goals can feel overwhelming and out of reach. If you’ve achieved body neutrality and want to actively move toward body love, but feel daunted by the prospect of lavishing affection on parts of yourself that you still see in a negative light, consider starting smaller. Give some love to the little things, the details of your body. read more

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Start Today


There have been times in my life when I’ve postponed change or celebration or reward because of my body. I’ve said to myself, “I’ll do that once I’m happier with myself. Once I’ve lost weight/toned up/changed my shape, I’ll allow myself this activity or thing. I’ll should wait until then and reward myself.”

I know I am not alone. So many of us buy into the idea that we should motivate ourselves by depriving ourselves. If we don’t book that vacation or buy that new wardrobe until after we’ve changed our bodies, the pent-up excitement created by anticipation will fuel our body-changing efforts. Which may be true to some small extent, maybe, probably at the very beginning of a body-change journey. But there’s a darker side to this internal bargain: The belief that we don’t actually deserve change or celebration or reward until we look “different” or “better,” which usually means “smaller” or “thinner.” read more

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There is No One Right Way to Look Great

There is no one "right way" to look great. Period.

Tall, thin, hourglass. This is NOT the only beautiful form.

I’m getting increasingly annoyed with style guides and experts that only ever steer women in this direction. If you WANT that, go for it! And honestly, I do want it for myself most of the time. But my body has some hourglass-y leanings naturally and it’s not a huge stretch for me. Tall, thin, hourglass is a huge stretch for the vast majority of women. And it’s not the only option, not the only figure with inherent beauty, sensuality, and appeal. read more

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