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Recommended Reading: Weightless

Margarita strikes me as one of the most kind, compassionate, caring women ALIVE, and I’m so glad that she’s applying her sweet self to the cause of body image. Her blog at Psych Central, Weightless, focuses mainly on weight-related issues and eating disorders, but she also touches on self-love, exercise, societal standards of beauty, and loads of other topics. She conducts interviews with authors and experts in the field, as well as women recovering from eating disorders who share their stories with frank generosity. And every Monday, she shares tips for improving body image. read more

Guest Post: No Signposts in the Sea on Modeling

I am a relatively new reader of No Signposts in the Sea, but once I discovered it, it quickly became a favorite daily read. Its author – who goes by The Waves – possesses an absolutely inspired sense of personal style, a sharp wit, and gobs of curiosity. Her posts inevitably lead me to ponder topics I’d never pondered before, or look at well-worn ideas in new light.

She’s posted in the past about her days as a model, and I found her perspective fascinating. (She is the model shown in the photographs throughout this post.) My views on modeling, how designers view and treat the female form, and implications for non-model women are based solely on my own experience which falls wholly outside the fashion industry. So I asked her to write up her thoughts on how her experiences shaped her. She’s been brutally honest and extremely thoughtful in her ruminations on her time as a model and how model bodies play into body image issues for all women, and I think her insights will spark a lively conversation. read more

Dance and Body Image: An Interview with Pilobolus

Back in college, my then-boyfriend introduced me to Pilobolus, an incredible troupe of dancers whose choreography is as acrobatic and athletic as it is artistic. I love modern dance, and since that first experience seeing them perform, Pilobolus has been at the top of my must-see list.

The company swung through the Twin Cities recently and, through the wonders of Twitter, I connected with them. I blithely requested an interview, fully expecting rejection, and was surprised and delighted when they accepted. I sent questions to Jeffrey Huang, who serves as the company’s Interactive Media Marketing Manager but danced with the troupe for years, and Annika Sheaff who is a member of the main touring company. read more