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An Open Letter to the Clothing Industry About Diversity

fashion model diversity

I’ve tried to write this post half a dozen times and never quite felt like I’d accomplished what I’d set out to do. The whole “open letter” thing feels a bit like yelling into a well – satisfying for a moment, but with little lasting impact – and this particular open letter always gets pretty rant-y when I tackle it. It also gets pretty rambly, as I have thoughts for both high-end designers and mall stores.

But, boatload of caveats aside, I’ve got diversity on the brain right now so I guess it’s time to just give it a whirl. read more

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Your Style, Your Body

Style advice can help guide decisions. Trends can influence styling. Matters of proportion and figure flattery can impact outfit assembly and dressing choices. The information, opinions, and guidance offered by style experts and resources can be useful, fun, and enlightening.

But never forget that you decide what looks good on you, to you, and for you. Your opinion eclipses all others, and you drive your own sartorial train. No expert can ban you from wearing anything and no rule can prevent you from buying anything. Clothing should make you feel powerful, amazing, unstoppable, and gorgeous. If the clothing that experts say you should be wearing fails to do any of those things for you, look elsewhere. read more

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Reader Request: Post-partum Style

Style tips for new moms, and dressing during the post-partum period

Reader Homa dropped this one in the suggestion box:

My problem is that I still wear maternity shirts 6 months after my second baby. My old stuff is just short somehow. So my big plan is that I want anything new I get to be the start of a new style for me. But where to begin? Chasing kids in skirts won’t work but maybe my jeans + tee routine must go? I would love to start shopping for clothes online but don’t know where to start. I also know I need to pay more but can’t bring myself to buy a shirt over $10. I just feel frumpy and unpretty. I star your posts in google reader but want to really implement your ideas but I feel like I’m starting from scratch. read more

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