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Reader Request: Crafting Monochrome Looks

How to wear monochrome

Reader Cat e-mailed me this question:

Mixing different reds: can one? Should one? How does one approach it?

I love red, and as a paleish brunette there are a few shades that suit me. But then the subject of accessories comes up and I’m left wondering if I need belts, bags, heels and flats in cherry, poppy, wine, geranium etc (not that I mind the idea of building such a collection, but I think my bank manager might object if I try to acquire it too quickly!) or whether they can be safely mixed. I was always taught not to, but I can’t help wondering if this is one of those rules that can be broken. read more

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Reader Request: Color Combos

Where to find color combination inspiration for your outfits!

[WANT THE SHORTCUT? I’ve got an entire Pinboard of color pairing inspiration!]

Many of you lovely folks have complimented me on the color combinations in my outfits, so first off, thank you! I’m delighted to hear that I don’t look like a circus reject. Well, at least not every day …

Many of you have also asked from whence my color inspiration springs, which made me realize that I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. Which is to say that I don’t think about color pairings in an active, calculating way. And as impressive as I find in-depth explorations of color theory, I can’t often apply them in daily life. I’m a pretty organized girl and prefer to plan ahead, but when it comes to color, I generally improvise. I rely heavily on experimentation, my creative eye, and whatever looks interesting or compelling when I’m getting dressed in the morning. read more

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Rules Made to Be Broken

fashion rules to breakI love rules. LOVE THEM. I am a double Capricorn with Taurus rising and my world would fall apart if I didn’t stitch it together with lovely, concrete, sense-making rules. I have long considered “Goody Two-Shoes” to be my personal theme song. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t speed (well, not more than 5 miles over the limit), I never cut a single class until my final year of college, and have never stolen a single thing. You think I’m kidding? Not kidding. Rules rule me. read more

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