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Reader Request: Complementing Navy

what to wear with navy blue

Keisha popped this into the Suggestion Box:

Sally, you’re amazing at color pairings. A post about what accessories (shoes, jewelry, bag) to wear with a navy dress (solid navy, so no pattern mixing to give a hint!)?

Ahhh, the real question, Keisha, is which accessories WON’T go with a navy dress! Navy spent years being derided as stodgy and difficult to style, but it’s had a resurgence in popularity. And I’m thrilled. Navy has all of the darkness of black but can be far less harsh-looking on many skin tones. And instead of sucking the life out of the colors around it (as black often does), it brings them to life! Can you tell I’m a fan? OK, let’s move on. read more

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Reader Request: How to Do Neon Now

how to wear neon

Reader Jessica submitted this request in a comment:

Do you have a post on how to wear neon without looking ridiculous? If not, I’d love to see one!

I remember neon. I lived through the 80s. I never in a million years thought I’d don these blaring brights again but here we are in the 21st century, and I’m just as smitten with neon as I was back in 1983. I know that it’s not a color family that holds universal appeal, but if you’re curious about how to wear neon now and make it look fresh, here are my pointers: read more

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Color Blocking Shortcuts

how to color block

Oh, color blocking. You are a concept that has been floating around the fashion world for several years now, making many of us scratch our heads in confusion. You sound so simple! I mean, isn’t color blocking just wearing multiple swaths of solid color? Can’t I throw on a cobalt top and red pants and say I’ve color blocked?

Well, yes. But it helps to use a few shortcuts to make such outfits feel more finished. Sometimes a pink tank top and an orange skirt may look “mismatched” instead of “color blocked.” Here are a few shortcuts to successful color blocking: read more

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