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Occupational Hazards: Work-related Dressing Challenges

Earlier this year, I did a style consult in Chicago for Dana who works as an orchestra conductor. She was an absolute delight, and we had a whale of a time putting together casual outfits for rehearsal and a few fancier ones for performances. She e-mailed me a few weeks ago asking which sleeve styles might be the least distracting when she was conducting and we got into a discussion about career-specific clothing issues and challenges. CLEARLY this was something that merited a little interviewing! So without further ado, I give you three women who face a variety of personal style challenges: A conductor, an Ob/Gyn, and a professional photographer. read more

Fascinating and Fashionable: Elizabeth the Skincare Product Formulator

Elizabeth Dehn is an award-winning beauty writer, blogger at Beauty Bets, and utterly inspiring businesswoman. She launched an eponymous line of skincare products a few years back, and is now collaborating with the lovely folks at One Love Organics on a new set of active moisture treatments. She is actively involved with the formulation process of the products that bear her name, and intensely interested in what is good for your skin and why. Let’s hear from Elizabeth!


Have you always been passionate about skin care?
Yes! I was born with some sort of skincare gene but have no idea where it came from. I started making face masks from egg whites and mud and going through my grandmother’s cold cream jars at a very young age. read more

Fascinating and Fashionable: Anupama the Apparel, Merchandising, and Design Professor

I met Anupama Pasricha, Ph.D., last year at an event showcasing her students’ designs. She’s chair of the Department of Apparel, Merchandising, and Design at St. Catherine University, and also an assistant professor there. She’s also an advocate for sustainable design and a a strong believer in the look good-feel good connection and the importance of cultivating positive body image in young women and men. Let’s hear from Anupama!


Have you always loved clothing and fashion?
Yes and no. The first time I fell in love with clothing and fashion was when I took an undergraduate course in textiles. Learning about fibers and fabrics was the turning point in my life. I am intrigued by fabric design, textures, and color and typically use those things as my inspiration. read more