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An Open Letter to the Clothing Industry About Diversity

fashion model diversity

I’ve tried to write this post half a dozen times and never quite felt like I’d accomplished what I’d set out to do. The whole “open letter” thing feels a bit like yelling into a well – satisfying for a moment, but with little lasting impact – and this particular open letter always gets pretty rant-y when I tackle it. It also gets pretty rambly, as I have thoughts for both high-end designers and mall stores.

But, boatload of caveats aside, I’ve got diversity on the brain right now so I guess it’s time to just give it a whirl. read more

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Reader Request: On Body Hair

An anonymous commentor dropped this one into the suggestion box:

Wondering if you’ve ever thought about/written about body hair. I’ve noticed that, despite my inclination to be completely fine with it, I’ve changed what I will/won’t wear in the summer to hide the fact that I don’t shave my armpits. Last year, I bought several short sleeved sweater/shrugs to wear over sleeveless dresses even though I usually internally bemoaned the fact that we’re an anti-hair society. Also, I go back and forth about leg shaving and if I’m supposed to hide it or own it. read more

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Fabulous Female Friendship

There’s been a recent spate of studies and stories about the harmful aspects of female friendships. Psychologists, sociologists, and laypeople alike have been sharing statistics about and tales of competition, backstabbing, bullying, sexual shaming, and other hateful, damaging, and downright terrifying things that we women do to each other. Things we don’t generally consider doing to men. And it’s quite true that women can be cruel and manipulative, jealous and petty. We’re incredibly effective at devising ways to hurt one another because we know exactly how difficult it will be to bear our attacks. read more

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