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Curly Hair Bias

curly hair bias

My hair is naturally curly/wavy and has been since I was a baby. My mom’s hair is naturally pin-straight and I have literally never seen her without a perm. I grew up in a household that revered curls, had a long string of boyfriends who adored my curls, and have never gotten anything but praise for my own voluminous curls.

When I cut my hair short and began straightening it, I got some comments and e-mails lamenting the loss of my curls. I am about 6,000% happier now with short, straight hair than I ever was with long curls and don’t foresee going back anytime soon. And over time I’ve realized that despite the near-constant influx of praise for my curly hair, I never actually liked it. Never felt like myself in it. Even though I never got anything but positive feedback about my hair, I never enjoyed it or felt like it suited me. I felt like it was the most dominant thing about my appearance, that it overtook nearly everything else about me, engulfed me, even eclipsed me. Also my curls were delicate and unpredictable. A stiff breeze or a shirt pulled over my head would completely change how my hair looked for the remainder of the day. It drove me nuts that my hair took such intense and constant babying to look good. My current ‘do is reliable, predictable, blissfully boring. read more

This Week I Love …

… Amy Poehler

For the record, I know virtually nothing about how amy Poehler dresses. She’s not really a style icon to me so much as an icon icon. I never really liked her SNL work, and it seemed like her early career was mainly spent portraying loud, sexualized meanies. But WOW, has she come a long way. Here are three huge reasons I adore Amy Poehler:

Smart Girls at the Party

Slogan: Change the world by being yourself. Smart Girls at the Party is a project that Amy launched with her real life best friends Meredith Walker and Amy Miles to showcase girls who are important and excellent just because they are doing things that they are interested in and that they believe in. The website is a bit messy and chaotic, but still provides a community that young girls and women can join to connect with others with similar (or different!) interests. My favorite aspect of Smart Girls is Amy’s interviews. She speaks with girls about the interests, hobbies, and expertise and does so with tremendous respect and sincerity. My favorite? Ruby the feminist, of course. The fact that Amy Poehler launched this project makes her a superstar in my book. read more

This Week I Love …

… P!nk.

“Born This Way,” is amazing, but “Raise Your Glass” came first. (Lyrics and video not safe for work. Video also contains imagery that may be offensive to the devout.)

I have had a mad-rampant girl-crush on P!nk since the moment I clapped eyes on her back in 2000. But it wasn’t until I watched this video that I understood exactly why. I’ve always loved her intoxicating mix of toughness, smarts, goofy humor, raw emotion, and unbridled power, and she’s always struck me as a woman who would bulldoze any- and everything that stood in her way. But with this video, P!nk proved to me that she gets diversity. She gets bullying. She gets fear. She gets discrimination and prejudice and exclusion and assumption and she wants the world to know that she thinks it’s all bullshit. This video makes me cry every time. EVERY time. And then it makes me want to change the world. read more