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Guest Post: The Beheld on Beauty and Visibility

My admiration for Autumn Whitefield-Madrano cannot be overstated. I discovered her blog, The Beheld, a few months ago and have been an avid daily reader ever since. She is a gifted writer, and insightful thinker, an outspoken feminist, and a thoughtful critic of all things fashion and beauty, and every post she writes opens my mind and bends my thought processes in the most pleasing ways.

I asked Autumn to write a guest post for me about the conflict between beauty work and feminism and, unsurprisingly, she delivered a fabulous and thought-provoking piece, which you’ll find below. Read on, and do add The Beheld to your reading lists. read more

This Week I Love …

… photographer E. Katie Holm‘s Women Warriors project.

Lakshmi Bai Agnes Randolph Queen Boudicca Queen Hatshepsut Grace O’Malley

This gal is a dynamo. She and Husband Mike shared studio space briefly, so I’ve chatted with her a few times but always been too shy to really gush about her Women Warriors project. She’s received several major grants for this portrait exploration of historic women leaders, and I hope she’ll just keep churning them out indefinitely.

If anyone ever calls you a member of the “weaker sex,” just direct them to these bios. I mean, WOW. Talk about 15 flavors of bravery. And cunning. And daring. Should I go on? read more