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Ask the Chics: Fashion in Academia

Last month, I asked you lovely folks to submit your questions about fashion in academia for guest post fodder. S, E, and A (from left to right above) of Academichic have graciously answered many of them, but since there were so many fabulous questions, a few had to be skipped. I’m only going to post a handful of answers here, and the remainder will go live on Academichic within the next few weeks, so stay tuned! If your question went unanswered, be sure to drop a line to the Chics or stop by their blog. They’d be happy to respond. read more

Makeup 101: How to Apply Eye Makeup

Sonja is back with the second installment of her Makeup 101 series! (If you missed the first, a fabulous lesson on How to Apply Foundation, Concealer, and Powder, check it out here.) I’m very excited to have Sonja walk us through the basics of eye makeup, as this is my weakest area … as always, check her blog, Hello Beauty! for daily tips, reviews, and tutorials.

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My favorite kinds of makeup are eye shadow, liner, and mascara. After all, eye makeup brings attention to the windows to your soul and eyes are usually the first thing you notice about a person so I’m all for playing them up. read more

Makeup 101: How to Apply Foundation, Concealer, and Powder

OK, I’ve said it before, but I’ve gotta say it again: Sonja is my Makeup Mentor. She has literally taught me everything I know about cosmetics and how to utilize them. Now, I realize that I am still a major noob who can’t apply eyeshadow, but I am excited to report that that’s all about to change. Sonja has agreed to do a series of Makeup 101 post right here on Already Pretty!

Those of you who fear looking positively clownish on applying rouge will find her writing style accessible and engaging. Those of you who could apply a full face in your sleep will still be enchanted with this refresher course, guaranteed. This is the good stuff, my peeps, and I’m beyond excited that Sonja has agreed to share her expertise with us. read more