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This Week I Love …

Michelle Chang‘s jewelry.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted one of those super sexy snake bangles that show up on toned celeb arms every so often. I totally wimped out on actually BUYING said bangle, but not before undertaking an exhaustive search. And I did, indeed, find the snake bangle of my dreams in Michelle’s shop:

Snake Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Diamonds, $168

Get a load of that beauty, will ya? Long since sold, but haunts my dreams. Maybe one day I’ll commission one from her. Or maybe I’ll spring for one of her other amazing creations: read more

This Week I Love …

… April Kawaoka’s amazing jewelry.

Do you have any idea how long these Grown Hooped earrings have been in my Etsy faves? I’m thinking about 2 years now. Other wishlist items always seem to bump them, but my love for them remains strong.

Her other elegantly unique designs have won me over, too.

Peachy Keen, $100 Quietly Grown, $80

Ebb and Flow, $70 Swirly Keen, $80

Which piece is your favorite? How would you wear it?

This Week I Love …

… carved cinnabar. Real or fake.

This common mercury ore has been used in Chinese carved lacquerware since the Song Dynasty (or so Wikipedia tells me), but I think it looks fabulously current. I love how the intricate designs and rich red play off of other colors and textures so beautifully.

Onyx and Cinnabar Necklace$44 Aida Bracelet$12.50 Fragrant Fruit Earrings$14 Vintage Cinnabar Bracelet$28 Diego Necklace$24 Captivate Necklace$56

Are you a fan of cinnabar? Which piece calls your name?