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Quick Shoe Storage Tip

OK, maybe you’ve all heard this one a billion times, but just in case:

If you store your shoes on shelves of any kind, you can increase your capacity by turning one half of each pair backwards. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’ll double your space, but it goes a surprisingly long way. Clearly this little trick won’t work if you’re using over-the-door shoe racks. But for all sandals, shoes, and boots that are stored soles-down on a flat surface, I’ve long utilized this technique to make the most of my limited space. read more

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Unexpected Sartorial Uses for Water

Clothing maintenance is so important, but can be such a chore. Washing, ironing, folding, dry cleaning, mending … it’s enough to make a gal consider the burlap sack route. OK, not really, but we all know that keeping your duds looking fresh and new is a time-suck and an energy drain. And in can get expensive, too.

So to combat all that, here are a few simple clothing maintenance workarounds that can be performed with nothing more than a few ounces of my favorite beverage: Water.

Substitute static guard

Your skirt absolutely insists on clinging to your thighs, your slip is just making matters worse, and you left the static guard at home. No problem: Just duck into the bathroom, moisten your hands, and pat down your tights. Some folks suggest using hand lotion or hairspray in a pinch, which may help, too … but I’m not too keen to gunk up my hosiery with either substance. The tiniest bit of water does the trick beautifully. read more

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The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Clothing DIYs

lazy clothing diy projects

Have you noticed that all posts on this blog that contain the abbreviation “DIY” also contain the word “lazy”? Let me explain why: IT IS BECAUSE I AM LAZY.

My friend Trinknitty is an amazing cook and craftswoman, and when I show up for her Crafternoon gatherings with my tote bag full of super glue and gas-station-purchased sewing kits, I make her cringe with my slapdash methods. And I’ve tried to change my ways. I have! But my DIY-ing preferences are set. If I want something done right, I hire a pro. If I want it done quickly and shoddily, I do it myself. read more

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