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Reader Request: Petite Style

fashion tips for petite women

Reader AJM dropped this one in the suggestion box:

How about styling tips for those of us who are “height challenged!” For instance there were recent posts about how everyone loves wearing scarves. I, however, feel overwhelmed by scarves because I am petite. I keep trying to look good in a scarf, but have not yet succeeded. What am I doing wrong? HELP!

First off, I MUST point you to what I consider to be the web’s best resource for fashion-minded petites: Alterations Needed. Here’s how Kelly, the mastermind behind this marvelous site, describes her mission: read more

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Proportion Play

It is absolutely amazing how much difference an inch can make. What? Oh, get your MIND out of the GUTTER, I’m talking about clothing! Here, check this out.

This skirt falls slightly above my natural waist:

It doesn’t make me look disproportionate but since it’s got a high hemline, it DOES visually shorten my torso.

This skirt sits right atop my hip bones:

Similar shape to the previous skirt, but because the waistline is lower it  creates the appearance of a slightly longer torso. It’s also quite short overall, so my proportions aren’t completely distorted nor are my legs shortened. read more

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Reader Request: Stylish Shorts

How to pick flattering shorts

Beautiful Anne sent this request via e-mail:

I just watched a blurb about shorts for every body type on the Today Show, except that they only showed 4 models and they all looked about the same to me, so it wasn’t very helpful. Can every body type really wear shorts? I know you tend to wear more skirts and dresses, but sometimes a skirt isn’t quite appropriate. With summer kind of approaching here in the Midwest, I’d be interested to see your take on this.

This is quite a challenge to me, my friends, as I probably wear shorts twice per year. But I know they’re a summer staple for many, so I’ll weigh in on Anne’s questions as best I can! read more

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