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Start Today


There have been times in my life when I’ve postponed change or celebration or reward because of my body. I’ve said to myself, “I’ll do that once I’m happier with myself. Once I’ve lost weight/toned up/changed my shape, I’ll allow myself this activity or thing. I’ll should wait until then and reward myself.”

I know I am not alone. So many of us buy into the idea that we should motivate ourselves by depriving ourselves. If we don’t book that vacation or buy that new wardrobe until after we’ve changed our bodies, the pent-up excitement created by anticipation will fuel our body-changing efforts. Which may be true to some small extent, maybe, probably at the very beginning of a body-change journey. But there’s a darker side to this internal bargain: The belief that we don’t actually deserve change or celebration or reward until we look “different” or “better,” which usually means “smaller” or “thinner.” read more

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No Woman is an Island

We all dress ourselves.

A while back, a reader wrote to me to weigh in on an older post about outside influences on style choices. She asserted that, as a teen, she dressed as she wished and ignored the opinions of her peer group. She also felt that the generations moving through puberty and into adulthood right now are considerably more immune to peer influence … that kids these days don’t care what people think about how they look or dress. Furthermore, she stated that she felt no impact from outside opinions at all, be they negative or positive. read more

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