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Guest Post: Jill Chivers on What I Learned About Shopping (and How it Changed My Life)

Today’s amazing guest post comes from the very talented Jill Chivers. Jill is an Australian reformed shopaholic who is now an advocate for conscious shopping. After successfully completing her own year without clothes shopping, Jill launched the world’s first online membership site for other women who want to slay their own shopping dragon and create a healthier relationship to shopping, themselves, their wardrobes, and their wallets. Jill has been interviewed about compulsive overshopping by countless media outlets, including ABC4, NBC affiliated King 5, the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle ,and the Wall Street Journal. read more

The Flip Side of Jealousy

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Comparisons can be risky – even harmful – when it comes to matters of beauty, body image, and self-esteem. Comparing your own traits to those of your peers and friends often leads to confusion and upset. Comparing your own traits to those of strangers and celebrities often leads to dismay and disappointment. And just about every time you compare your figure, face, hair, body, or proportions to those of someone you’ve deemed prettier, sexier, or somehow superior to yourself, you inevitably trigger jealousy. read more