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Reader Request: Budget Shopping. No, Really

How to shop on a very small budgetThe Raisin Girl asked this question ages ago:

I’d love to see more on budget style. I see a lot about budget style all over the internet, but the women writing these articles seem to have much larger budgets than me. I was raised to shop clearance, to buy cheaply even if you didn’t like what you bought as much. I’ve been talked out of many items of clothing that I LOVED and would have worn endlessly, simply because they were pricier. And the weird thing is, we weren’t badly off. I could have afforded those items, but I didn’t. Now that I’m working part-time and going to school, I don’t have much extra income, so it sucks that NOW is when I learn it’s not a crime to pay more than $20 for a good pair of jeans. So basically, how do gals budget-shop, when they’re REALLY on a tight budget? read more

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Reader Request: Wardrobe Cycling

Why you should consider cycling your wardrobe seasonally.

Reader Sara sent me this request via e-mail:

You have mentioned before that you have a lot of clothing and some is in storage. I also have a lot of clothing and plenty of storage space–but instead of put away, all my clothes are in piles and baskets around the house. I haven’t quite figured out what to store! Like you, I love layering and I love my clothes. But as is, with all of them out, a bunch don’t get worn because they are at the bottom of over crowded drawers, backs of over crowded closets, or in laundry baskets. I am hoping some sort of seasonal rotation could cure this problem. If you have a system for cycling and storing your wardrobe, do share! read more

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Dressing for the Beastly Heat

Tips for staying stylish when it's HOT out!

Mana G popped this request into the box:

How to dress in ridiculously, stiflingly hot weather… And still look fashionable.

I wore the outfit above on a day when it was 95 degrees with a heat index of 105, and humid as hell. I was indoors most of the day, it’s true, but this outfit still fits my main criteria for a stylish hot weather ensemble. And they are …

Washable: If you’re like me, you sweat mostly from your armpits. If it’s hot out, there’s no WAY I’m putting on something that needs hand washing or dry cleaning. read more

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