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Reader Request: Picking a Leather Jacket

how to buy leather jacket

Reader Krysta e-mailed me this request:

I’d LOVE a post on how to choose a leather jacket–they’re so cool, and so varied, and yet so expensive, that I have a hard time committing. What if this AWESOME one I love now looks irritating and dated in two years?

I adore leather everything, but it took me a while to collect my thoughts for this particular question. As is the case with many investment pieces, it’s tough to generalize. Some women will require one set of characteristics, while others may have entirely different needs! But if you’re in the market for a leather jacket yourself, here are some ideas to mull: read more

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Reader Request: Complementing Navy

what to wear with navy blue

Keisha popped this into the Suggestion Box:

Sally, you’re amazing at color pairings. A post about what accessories (shoes, jewelry, bag) to wear with a navy dress (solid navy, so no pattern mixing to give a hint!)?

Ahhh, the real question, Keisha, is which accessories WON’T go with a navy dress! Navy spent years being derided as stodgy and difficult to style, but it’s had a resurgence in popularity. And I’m thrilled. Navy has all of the darkness of black but can be far less harsh-looking on many skin tones. And instead of sucking the life out of the colors around it (as black often does), it brings them to life! Can you tell I’m a fan? OK, let’s move on. read more

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Reader Request: Moving from Casual to Business Casual

change style from casual to business casual

Jenn threw this one into the Suggestion Box:

I would love some tips and ideas for transitioning into wearing business casual and more heels/pumps/dressier shoes. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 2 decades – and most of my “dressing up” has been for church or military functions. On a daily basis, I normally wear casual clothes – because doing errands, cleaning, volunteering, and taking care of my children (6!) requires casual (but no pj’s or yoga pants allowed – my rule).

However, I am starting my master’s in education and will be student teaching and teaching for real soon – all which require business casual every day! How do I make the transition without feeling overdressed? Especially in the southwest, where super casual is the norm (seriously – people wear shorts to the opera and theater here!)? I love to wear heels/pumps, but I always feel overdressed… read more

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