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Reader Request: Before

LPC popped this question into the suggestion box:

I’d love to know how you dressed beFORE you started looking at style the way you do now. Or as a teen. You have a very distinct style now. Was it always that way? I know you’ve talked about it here and there, but I haven’t seen a full post, I don’t think, on this topic.

I expected to cringe and groan as I sifted through old photographs of myself, embarrassed by my obliviousness and ashamed of my formerly messy style. But you know what I learned? High school wasn’t much fun and I could barely scrape up a single photo from it, but MAN, I loved college. Loved it. I looked radiantly happy in every photo, even the hilariously weird ones. Which I will now proceed to share with you. read more

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Reader Request: On Modesty and Revelation

An anonymous commenter popped this question into the suggestion box:

I would love to see a post on your thoughts of modesty and self image. How much is the revealing of skin related to self-love and respect? What if a woman confidently wears short dresses and/or reveals cleavage, but may appear to others to have low self-esteem because of the skin factor? Where is the line drawn to the amount of attention you want your body to have compared to the amount of attention you want on your overall persona? I guess this turned out to be a mish-mash of ideas. My main point: What to do if one likes the look of a suggestively-revealing item for the sake of fashion, but is not modest in its nature? read more

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Reader Request: Effective Inventories and Honed Style


Beautiful reader Elisabeth wrote in with this fabulous request:

I’d love to see your interpretation of this kind of exercise for women (like me!) who keep buying the same black cardigan and long sleeve T over and over again. If I (or anyone) were to make an inventory of the clothes that we own, what kinds of questions should we be asking ourselves after the list has been made?

My personal issue is that I love clothes and get inspired by what I see on on other women and on fashion blogs, but I always end up buying things that do not make me feel stylish. My desired image does not match what is in my closet. And it’s not a matter of finance – I don’t have expensive taste in clothes or shop too little or too much. I just don’t know how to assess what I really want to add to or discard from my wardrobe. So, I was thinking, as a style-savante, you might have some tricks up your sleeve for training your readers to know their own personal style-sense a bit better, and suggesting how to decide how to buy new clothes or use the items we already have to create the look we want. read more

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