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Reader Request: Guidelines for Tucking

when should i tuck my shirt

Reader Elizabeth sent me this question via e-mail:

… lots of curvier women tuck in their tops, which feels totally daring and, frankly, scary to me, but they look fantastic. While I know it can be frumpy, I usually leave tails out in an effort to get some flowyness (is that a word?) going and gloss over my belly. Could you talk about the way tucking in tops or leaving them out affects proportion, and what it helps to emphasize (or not)?

When it comes to tucking, I believe the three main factors are proportion, desired aesthetic, and comfort. read more

Originally posted 2012-09-21 06:05:21.

Reader Request: Complementing Navy

what to wear with navy blue

Keisha popped this into the Suggestion Box:

Sally, you’re amazing at color pairings. A post about what accessories (shoes, jewelry, bag) to wear with a navy dress (solid navy, so no pattern mixing to give a hint!)?

Ahhh, the real question, Keisha, is which accessories WON’T go with a navy dress! Navy spent years being derided as stodgy and difficult to style, but it’s had a resurgence in popularity. And I’m thrilled. Navy has all of the darkness of black but can be far less harsh-looking on many skin tones. And instead of sucking the life out of the colors around it (as black often does), it brings them to life! Can you tell I’m a fan? OK, let’s move on. read more

Reader Request: Styling High Waists

How to wear high waist skirts and how to wear high waist pants

Laura e-mailed me this request:

I think it would be great if you could write about the high-waist trend (i.e. what types of tops to wear to balance a high waisted skirt, how to balance high waisted pants). I just can’t seem to figure it out without it looking strange, and I assume others feel the same way. I guess hip huggers have just been in style too long!

Since high-waisted bottoms bring the perceived waistline upward, each woman will need to consider how that impacts her proportions. Women with larger busts and long or short torsos may find that high waistlines emphasize these features. Some will love that, some will hate it, some will be neutral … but it’s worth noting. High waists also mean that a defined break in your outfit hits higher on your body than usual, which means that shoulder span, hairstyle, and jewelry should be considered. All three are going to be closer than usual to your waistband, so giant shoulders, hair, or jewels may feel like too much. read more