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Reader Request: Stylish Shoes That Accommodate Orthotics

I’ve had many requests for this topic and knew I was out of my depth, so I called in an expert. Kirsten over at Barking Dog Shoes gets many shout-outs from me for her unmatched expertise in finding shoes that work for fussy feet of all kinds. Read on for her recommendations for stylish shoes that accommodate orthotics!

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I’ll never forget when the podiatrist handed me my brand spankin’ new custom orthotics and said, “You’ll need to buy a pair of New Balance sneakers now and wear them all the time.” I dutifully nodded, then promptly walked to my car and cried. It was 1998 and I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis three months prior. I was a 28 year-old middle school teacher that loved cute shoes. My tears quickly turned to resolve as I dismissed the thought of wearing glaringly white, cloddy sneakers with my skirts. No way, no how. There had to be some other type of footwear that would accommodate the orthotics. I soon became frustrated in my search, however. Remember, this was fifteen years ago. I settled on removing the insoles from my favorite purple suede Hush Puppies and shoving the orthotics in them for an anything-but-custom fit. Sigh. read more

Lovely Links: 2/1/13

Since I’ve been getting a number of repeat questions in comments and via e-mail,
I FINALLY got around to creating an FAQ page. Please take a look!

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I’ve got an upcoming speaking gig in which I’ll be discussing
the intersection of style and body image!

Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning to Dress it Well:
A lecture and Q&A by author and blogger Sally McGraw

February 23
2 – 3:30pm
St. Frances Cabrini Church, 1500 Franklin Ave SE, Minneapolis
$20 at the door ($10 for ASG members before Feb. 12, $15 after)
Sponsored by the Minneapolis/St.Paul Chapter
of the American Sewing Guild – huge thanks to the ASG for making this possible! read more

Lovely Links: 11/16/12

OK, so this is fairly random, but doesn’t quite qualify for a departmental mention. You all know how I wrote a book, right? Well, so did my dad. And he’s been working on his for THIRTY YEARS. No fooling. It’s called Trees 4 Seasons – a Visual Guide, and and it’s totally gorgeous. He photographed the same trees from the same vantage points in each of the four seasons. 79 of ’em. If you or anyone you know might be interested, do take a peek! And spread the word! (I’m so proud of him.) read more