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Reader Request: Being a Source of Jealousy

how to deal with jealousy

Helen popped this question into the suggestion box:

I know you’ve talked about feeling jealousy and how to deal with that lately but I would love a discussion about how to deal with other people’s jealousy. Sometimes when I go out looking fabulous (and feeling it!) I can be brought down very quickly by the jealous comments and behaviors of others towards me. I really begin to question myself when that happens. Just writing that down makes me feel anxious!

Before I respond to Helen’s question, allow me a moment on the soap box. read more

Reader Request: Perfectly Polished

how to look polished

Reader A. e-mailed me this conundrum:

You know how some women seem to always look fresh and pretty and manicured and wrinkle free….. well, that would not be me. Even when I try really hard, I can’t seem to pull off the “polished” look and it is so discouraging. Last weekend, I went to Nordstrom and decided to not wear the usual Alaskan attire of athletic pants and puffy coat—I put on simple black tights, a cute black corduroy Boden skirt, and a white tee. Simple. I felt pretty good when I left the house. An hour later, trying on some clothes in the dressing room, I was appalled at how shabby I looked!! Hair was frizzy and flat, the black tights and skirt felt too thick and overpowering for the bright sunny day that we were having, and the corduroy skirt looked old even though I only wore it 3-4 times! read more

Reader Request: Hairstyles that Match Personal Styles

How to pick a hairstyle that works with your personal style

Lovely reader Anne had this hairy query:

I’m in the midst of trying to find a hairstyle that suits me and it occurs to me that this might be a great topic for your blog. The relationship between hair and clothing. I don’t know about you, but I find that if my hair doesn’t look it’s best, or it is a ponytail vs. wear-long day it will affect how I dress. I think that’s why I have been having so much trouble finding a hairstyle I love since I feel like it has to go with my wardrobe. read more