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Lovely Links: 12/8/17

Weekly Kitty:

Little princess.

Bianca’s mix of aubergine and rust is perfection.

CBS’ ‘We Need To Talk’ Launches Series Examining Body Image In Female Athletes

“While it’s not unusual for fashion brands to donate a portion of proceeds to a charitable organization or cause, the 21st century has seen a number of clothing and accessories companies fight trafficking by training and employing the women affected. In addition to Outland Denim, ‘profit-for-purpose’ companies like Purpose Jewelry, Malia Designs, and Elegantees are leading the charge.” read more

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Lovely Links: 12/1/17

Weekly Kitty:

An abundance of toe beans.

Miria effortlessly slips a graphic tee under her plaid suit. Love this look. Also digging Patti’s tee and maxi-skirt combo.

Le’s Stop Comparing Ourselves: 6 Ways Jealousy is Stealing Your Self Love & How to Stop It

This post exploring the pros and cons of a neutral wardrobe fascinated me.

Still whittling down my shoe wardrobe – listed tall cognac Fryes, Fluevog Lunas, McQueen high-tops, and distressed Frye ankle boots on eBay this week!

“If you need proof that female desirability is closely linked to the absence of body hair, you only need to look at shaving and waxing ads. Because not only do they manipulate women into going hairless, the models in the ads are shaving their silky smooth and already hairless legs.” read more

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Lovely Links: 11/17/17

Weekly Kitty, Special Edition:

This is Husband Mike’s new tattoo, done by the one, the only, Katie Kroeck at Jackalope Tattoo. (Why the bees, you ask? Because this.)

Sustainable Textiles Spotlight: The Truth Behind Bamboo Fabric

Hallie’s asymmetric ruffled midi skirt is right up my alley. Check out her pearl-embellished heels, too.

“We have lesbian friends that share pants, shirts, and um, underwear. Mixing outfits is a regular part of a relationship, they say. With us, though, that’s not the case. We don’t share clothes; we don’t share closets. You see, though we’re both women, we’re of distinctive backgrounds, families, and most notably, size. My partner is ‘plus size’ and I, by the working definition of the spectrum, ‘petite athletic.'” read more

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