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Guest Post: Amita Basu on Style, Sexual Identity, Binaries, and Perfectionism


Several weeks ago, reader Amita reached out to me with the loveliest email, and in it she shared a bit of her personal style and body image journey. She’s a Ph.D. candidate in cognitive science at CBCS, University of Allahabad, India, and she has a unique perspective and fascinating story. I immediately asked if she’d be comfortable writing a guest post for the blog so others could hear about her ruminations, struggles, and triumphs. And I’m so glad she agreed, because in the post that follows, she has outlined and supported several important ideas that I’ve never been able to articulate myself. And done so with tremendous passion, elegance, and care. read more

The Look of Love

By Nadine, Already Pretty Contributor

Right off the bat, a major TMI warning. This post is – at least in part – about my nether regions and also my boobs. A public discussion of my private parts may seem a bit off topic on, but as they say on Law & Order, if you’ll grant me some leeway, I will come to my point.

I recently made a surprisingly difficult confession to some of my colleagues at school. We’re all human sexual students so, as you might expect, my classmates tend to value the sex-positive, body-positive approach to life. There’s a lot of focus on acceptance and inclusivity and loving ourselves (pun intended) as we are. I subscribe to all of that in theory, but in practice I struggle, sometimes mightily, and sometimes the mandate to love myself feels like a lot of pressure. read more

Naked Sleep

Sleep Naked

By Nadine, Already Pretty Contributor

Recently I’ve come across several articles touting the benefits of sleeping in the buff. According to various sources there are approximately 6-10 good reasons for slumber au naturel. My first reaction upon reading them was ‘Are you kidding me? It’s the middle of winter!’ But then I reminded myself “We’re not in Kansas…erm, Canada anymore, Dorothy.” In my former city, a protective layer of flannel was necessary for survival on cold winter nights, at least for me. Not so in California, especially since – according to the locals – the weather in the Bay Area is unseasonably warm this winter. In fact, I’ve actually been waking up most nights sweating and uncomfortable. Gross and definitely not conducive to a good night’s sleep. So I decided to take it all off and  put the naked sleep theory to the test. read more