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It’s Not About Size. It’s About “Health.” (But Really, It’s About Size)

By Nadine, Already Pretty Contributor

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A while back I was having a Twitter discussion with some folks about Maria Kang (of “What’s your excuse” infamy) and her recent criticism of Curvy Girl Lingerie, a store here in California. CG’s Facebook page includes selfies of their size 14-plus customers looking sexified in their scanty wares. Apparently Kang has no problem with loving your body, as long as that love is conditional. “I feel like it’s OK to love and accept your body, I think that we’re normalizing obesity in our society,” she says. read more

My Life In Lingerie (or An Ill-Fitted Romance)

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Oh, lingerie. You are so very beautiful. You evoke in my mind images of classic pinup beauties, impossibly elegant women who lounge in boudoirs, and expert flirts who flash their garters with flair. Flipping through the Victoria’s Secret catalogue is high on my list of simple pleasures. And I delight in watching my burlesque sisters rock the stage in a gorgeous custom made corset.

I love most every everything about lingerie…except wearing it.

Over the years I’ve tried teddies and nighties and uber-lacy bras with frilly peek-a-boo adornment. Yet every time I slip into a slinky, silky something it’s like being in someone else’s skin and I can’t quite find the sexy confidence I’m seeking. read more

My Five Favourite Less Than Obvious Erogenous Zones

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Before we dive in let me say, that when it comes to bodies I have nothing but love for the sexy classics. I dig a heaving bosom, a gorgeous set of gams and great rear end.  But there’s such wonderful variety in our human forms and figures. Sexy isn’t always about the body parts that get top billing in a mini dress.  Personally, I’m not always in the mood for plunging necklines and high hemlines. Fortunately there are lots of other body parts to show off and admire on others. These are five of my favourites: read more