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The Last Great Deal


I feel like I’ve come a long way as a bargain shopper. Once upon a time, I’d happily snap up ill-fitting clothing in colors I didn’t like and styles I’d never wear simply because they were such fantastic deals. How could I pass up an $8 sweater at J.Crew? Even if it was a shade of chartreuse that made me look like a flu victim. How could I leave that $12 silk skirt behind on the Banana Republic sale rack? Perhaps because it made me look like a family of otters had settled in my nether regions. I am more discerning now, and shop knowing my needs, my wants, and my favorite styles. But the lure of stupendous bargains still beckons on occasion, and I am forced to pull out this mantra: read more

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Reader Request: Young Clothes, Old Clothes

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Reader Kristin popped this one into the suggestion box:

If you haven’t done one before, maybe a post about what aspects of clothing are typically considered “young”, which ones are “old” and which ones can be variable? Sometimes I get confused when someone identifies something that I like or a store that I frequent as “old lady” or “twee” when I don’t see it that way at all. Then it makes me wonder if I’m managing to inadvertently age myself or look childlike by my wardrobe choices. read more

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Lessons From the Dressing Room: Try On EVERYTHING


I’ve been thrifting since I was 13. Back then, I didn’t have a defined style and didn’t know much about my body so if I saw something that looked cool, I’d try it on. And I learned over time that clothing sizes are totally arbitrary, and sometimes a piece that says it’s three sizes too small or big will fit perfectly.

I’ve been shopping mall stores since high school. Early on I just went for the styles I saw my friends and peers wearing, but eventually I branched out. I played it safe for a while, but eventually started hauling unusual styles and cuts into the fitting room with me. Which yielded lots of duds and the occasional gem. I learned that some things look funky on the rack, and others may be designed far outside my comfort zone, but I’ll never really know how they look until I get them onto my actual body. read more

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