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Reader Request: Thrift Tips

how to thrift shop
Lovely reader N. sent me this question a while back:

I love the idea of thrift store shopping … But I need to know how to do it successfully. I like the stuff I see at thrift stores, but most of them don’t have a place to try things on and I have been burned on fit with no refunds/exchanges. Can you suggest ways to analyze an item without trying it on to see if it’s going to work? Are there ways to tell what items would be easier to alter (and therefore less costly to alter)?

I’ve shopped thrift since … well, since forever. I’ve never been squeamish about buying used garments, and the bargain hunter in me loves pulling treasure from other people’s trash. Here are some tips to address N’s concerns, and hopefully, yours, too! read more

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Shopping for Your Imaginary Self

shopping for your imaginary self

This sequined butterfly blouse has been in my Etsy faves for AGES. It’s only $30 and I absolutely adore it. But I haven’t purchased it for two very important reasons:

1. I cannot imagine a place/event/reason that would allow me to wear it.

2. It is not suited to my actual style, but instead to my imaginary style.

Now, I will occasionally indulge my imaginary self and buy something that has no real place in my wardrobe. And those pieces may work their way into common use, and blend, and sometimes my style bends a bit to accommodate them. But generally speaking, I find that buying clothes for the person I wish I was – or, even worse, the person I wish I was SHAPED LIKE – is a fabulous way to generate buyers’ remorse. read more

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How to Prepare for a Shopping Trip

Know your budget: No, really. Do NOT shop without knowing how much cash you have, and how much you can comfortably spend. Shopping blindly leads to shopping regret of one kind or another.

Inventory your closet: Annoying, but worth it. Many of us buy duplicates or near-duplicates, and that practice can be avoided by familiarizing yourself with your current wardrobe. And before you buy anything, ask yourself: Do I love this because it’s perfectly “me” or because it’s incredibly familiar? read more

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