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This Week I Love …

… textured tights.

Last year, I felt my tights-related preferences beginning to shift. Despite all of my age-appropriateness rhetoric, there was this tiny little voice squeaking out, “Are you sure you want to wear those nearly-neon turquoise tights? Really sure?” Some of my wilder patterned tights also felt a bit off: Stripes and florals seemed somehow over-the-top, and I shied away.

But now and going forward, textured tights feel spot-on. They’ve got the movement and interest of patterns, but the subtlety of opaques. Plus they’re ideal for transitional weather, and a great solution for women who may want some leg coverage but feel opaques are too warm and pantyhose are too old-school. Here are a few pairs I’m loving: read more

This Week I Love …


I’m the first to admit that eBay can be daunting. It can also be frustrating if you use it to track down an item you’ve wanted for ages, and then miss out at the last moment. And, as I’m sure you’ve heard, there are risks. Some vendors are sketchy and dishonest, some listings can be misleading, and you do need to shop and bid carefully. (See this older post on how to shop eBay for my tips.)

But eBay is the land of shopping second chances. Did you miss out on a skirt or handbag that’s now sold out everywhere? Chances are someone’s selling it (or something incredibly similar for less) on eBay. Are you searching for a an item that is a generation or two behind what’s in mall stores now? Check eBay – some seller might be trying to offload that very thing. Are you in love with a designer’s style but unable to afford full price? Always, always, scour eBay before ponying up. Current season, slightly used items can generally be found if a designer is well known. read more

This Week I Love …


My relationship with this store has been rocky, to say the least. I spent most of my life believing that Talbots was stocked with nautical-themed, slightly stodgy gear that would age me by several decades. And honestly? I think that in years past, that might actually have been the case. But recently, this vendor has done an amazing job of modernizing its offerings and injecting a few key trends into its stock, all the while remaining true to its classic, quality roots.

I have sung the praises of Talbots jeans for ages, as I find them to be comfortable, durable, and high-waisted enough to work on my figure. I’ve also started shopping there for jackets, print pants, and loads of other goodies, but allow me to explain a few of the more general reasons I support this vendor: read more