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This Week I Love …

… cobalt blue. Above you see my beloved Marni sandals. I purchased these last year, and they sparked an obsession with cobalt blue that hasn’t flagged since. I am now in possession of a cobalt handbag, belt and necklace, all purchased separately yet eerily matchy. And my thirst for cobalt is not yet slaked! Especially since I am yet to nab any cobalt blue garments. (Picture me rubbing my hands like a supervillian.)

Here are a few cobalt pieces that have caught my eye of late:

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This Week I Love …

Michelle Chang‘s jewelry.

A few months ago, I decided I wanted one of those super sexy snake bangles that show up on toned celeb arms every so often. I totally wimped out on actually BUYING said bangle, but not before undertaking an exhaustive search. And I did, indeed, find the snake bangle of my dreams in Michelle’s shop:

Snake Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Diamonds, $168

Get a load of that beauty, will ya? Long since sold, but haunts my dreams. Maybe one day I’ll commission one from her. Or maybe I’ll spring for one of her other amazing creations: read more

This Week I Love …

… platform shoes. “OOOHH, BIG SHOCKER,” I hear you saying. Can’t help it, friends. It’s spring and my head is swimming with visions of gorgeous, chunky, funky platforms.

Joe’s Jeans Brenda – $139 – 169

This style was first released last year and I drooled … but refrained. When Joe’s released a new fleet of Brendas in gorgeous new colors, I caved. The platform is wood, but surprisingly light and marvelously walkable. These are sure to become a spring and summer fave! read more