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Don’t Think, Shop

Brands and vendors don't want us to think about our style needs, they want us to shop and spend mindlessly.

Back when I worked with personal style clients, one of the first things I made them do was write. I sent them a laundry list of questions about their personal style preferences and choices: Tell me about brands you like and brands you hate, styles you love and styles you wish you could wear. List 5-10 adjectives that describe your style. Are you a skirt girl, pants girl, or both? Do you wear dresses, and if so, what style? Can you wear heels, and do you like to? Name a celebrity whose style you admire and tell me why. Introspective questions like these are helpful to nearly everyone who answers them. And I do NOT believe that’s because there is some magic set of questions that unlocks the secrets of great style. I believe it’s because we are trained to give only cursory thought to our personal style choices. read more

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Shopping Stigmas

I went to two proms: My own, and my older boyfriend’s. My mom made both of my prom dresses. (See dress number one here.) And despite the fact that I’d spent all of middle and high school acutely aware that the popular kids in my schools were also the rich kids, I honestly didn’t give my homemade prom dresses a second thought. I could’ve cared less that I never got to shop for off-the-rack dresses for these events. I got to pick out the materials and colors I wanted, select the styles and patterns, and get custom-fit dresses to wear. It was ideal! And yet I know that wearing clothes that are mom-created or hand-sewn can cause massive embarrassment for certain kids under certain circumstances. read more

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Why Color Trends are Your Friends

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When I first became aware of fashion trends, they were irritatingly fleeting. Back then, you needed to identify a trend, procure the item in question, wear it for the appropriate amount of time (anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months), and then discard it. The discarding step was essential to sanctioned fashion trend participation. If you continued to wear a trendy item beyond its trend window, you became the subject of much behind-the-hand snickering.

Oh, how times have changed.

And for the better! Trends still cycle in and out, but they do so on a much longer timeline. Style mavens, celebs, and fashionistas can be seen wearing trendy items years after they were introduced and marketed. Trends stick around longer, can be interpreted in many ways, and encompass a huge variety of items and styles. read more

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