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Guest Post: Kelly with Dressing Tips for the Large of Boob

When I get reader e-mails about general dressing tips for the large-of-boob, and recommendation requests for bloggers with abundant boobage, I send every one of them to Kelly.

I’ve known Kelly online for at least two years, and I look forward to the day when we will finally get to hang out, paint each others’ toenails, and eat whatever homemade treat she’s baked for me. Because girl can cook. She’s also hilarious, brainy, drop-dead gorgeous, and extremely well-endowed. After I’d sent two or three readers her way and she emailed suggestions about clothing that suits an abundant rack, I realized it was high time I got her to guest post. read more

Guest Post: No Signposts in the Sea on Modeling

I am a relatively new reader of No Signposts in the Sea, but once I discovered it, it quickly became a favorite daily read. Its author – who goes by The Waves – possesses an absolutely inspired sense of personal style, a sharp wit, and gobs of curiosity. Her posts inevitably lead me to ponder topics I’d never pondered before, or look at well-worn ideas in new light.

She’s posted in the past about her days as a model, and I found her perspective fascinating. (She is the model shown in the photographs throughout this post.) My views on modeling, how designers view and treat the female form, and implications for non-model women are based solely on my own experience which falls wholly outside the fashion industry. So I asked her to write up her thoughts on how her experiences shaped her. She’s been brutally honest and extremely thoughtful in her ruminations on her time as a model and how model bodies play into body image issues for all women, and I think her insights will spark a lively conversation. read more

Guest Post from LPC of Privilege: 5 Guidelines for Subversive, Already Pretty Style

LPC of the fiercely original and fantastically smart blog, Privilege, took quite an interest in my recent post on pant suits. I have never worked in a conservative environment myself, and thus could only offer theoretical suggestions for making these lawyerly staples more fun and interesting. LPC, on the other hand, is a career executive who has spent most of her life in suits and knows firsthand the challenges and joys of personalizing the businesswoman’s uniform. And she’s been generous enough to share her wisdom with us! Keep reading for her tips on sneaking unique, sassy, and decidedly fun accents into your conservative workwear. read more