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Your Style, Your Body

Style advice can help guide decisions. Trends can influence styling. Matters of proportion and figure flattery can impact outfit assembly and dressing choices. The information, opinions, and guidance offered by style experts and resources can be useful, fun, and enlightening.

But never forget that you decide what looks good on you, to you, and for you. Your opinion eclipses all others, and you drive your own sartorial train. No expert can ban you from wearing anything and no rule can prevent you from buying anything. Clothing should make you feel powerful, amazing, unstoppable, and gorgeous. If the clothing that experts say you should be wearing fails to do any of those things for you, look elsewhere. read more

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Reader Request: Dressing for Emotionally Significant Events

funeral dress code

Reader Kelly popped this one into the suggestion box:

I’d love to see something about dressing for the big moments and days in life! I feel like I’ve got a handle on things most days, but then comes a wedding, graduation, funeral, banquet? I freeze. It’s like I’ve entirely forgot how to dress myself. Especially because somehow the stakes feel higher? Making a “wrong” decision could actually offend by failing to show respect for the day or occasion.

Etiquette is NOT my strong suit, friends. I do love me some style guidelines, but I  also love to subvert everything that I’m told about what I should wear. Being respectful and reflecting that respect in my dress and comportment are both incredibly important to me, but sometimes I miss the mark. So I’ll offer my thoughts here with some trepidation, and hope that you can contribute additional experiences, resources, and wisdom. read more

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Taste, Creativity, and Boden

A while back, I wrote a bit about how my style has evolved since I began blogging. I opened that post with these two photos from my bloggy beginnings in 2007:

As I mentioned in that older post, I am wearing head-to-toe Boden in both of these shots. Although I didn’t own a closet full of Boden at the time, outfits like these were my staples back in the day: Solid top, cute embellished skirt, the end. I credit Boden with sparking my style obsession; I saw a catalog at a friend’s house six or seven years ago and my head caved in. Something about the clean-but-quirky design aesthetic just slayed me, and began accumulating as many pieces as I could afford. (And maybe a few that I couldn’t quite afford.) They looked like clothes I’d design for myself, if I had that skill set, and suited my taste perfectly. read more

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