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Lessons From the Dressing Room: Try On EVERYTHING


I’ve been thrifting since I was 13. Back then, I didn’t have a defined style and didn’t know much about my body so if I saw something that looked cool, I’d try it on. And I learned over time that clothing sizes are totally arbitrary, and sometimes a piece that says it’s three sizes too small or big will fit perfectly.

I’ve been shopping mall stores since high school. Early on I just went for the styles I saw my friends and peers wearing, but eventually I branched out. I played it safe for a while, but eventually started hauling unusual styles and cuts into the fitting room with me.¬†Which yielded lots of duds and the occasional gem. I learned that some things look funky on the rack, and others may be designed far outside my comfort zone, but I’ll never really know how they look until I get them onto my actual body. read more

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Trust in Style

Some e-mails and comments I’ve gotten recently have led me to believe that it’s time for a reminder about the merit and weight of style advice, including my own.

I trust my readers to take everything I say and evaluate it for themselves. I trust every single one of you to read whatever I’ve written, mull it over, take what is useful to you, reject what is not, and question anything that confuses or concerns you.

I also trust that you’re doing this with ALL style advice. I trust you to look at anything labeled a style rule and make your own call: Does this rule apply to your life, lifestyle, personal style, budget, taste, age, body type? If not, there is no need to follow it. And no need to feel uneasy about rejecting it. read more

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