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This Week I Love …

… my leather punch.

I thrift most of my belts. This means I get them for bargainous prices, but it also means that I sometimes compromise on fit. And since some belts need to fit closer than others – especially those that are worn at the natural waist versus the wearing waist – some belts need adjusting.

A too-small belt isn’t going to do me much good, but a too-big belt can be adjusted simply by adding additional holes. Husband Mike and I have been using the slapdash method for eons: We take a board, a thick nail, and a hammer. The nail gets hammered through the belt several times on either side until a sufficiently large hole has been made. It’s a fairly frustrating and laborious process. And, as you can imagine, the results tend to look … well, crappy. Not so much that passersby stare at my belts, alarmed and disgusted, mind you. You have to get pretty close to see the crappiness. But it’s there. It’s definitely there. read more

Thriftable Fall Trends

We all know that most of the season’s hottest can be found for pennies on the dollar at the local thrift store, right? I mean, RIGHT?

Good. Then let’s take a peek at some of fall’s trends that are ripe for the picking down at the charity shops and consignment boutiques:


I’ve thrifted animal print dresses, knit shirts, and skirts over the past five years. That’s right, five years. Here’s an example of yet another trend with an extended shelf-life! And easily thriftable in my opinion. Zebra, leopard, snake … pick your poison, ladies. It’s all for sale, if you’re willing to look. read more

Reader Request: Modern Vintage

How to style vintage clothes

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion tells me:

OK, you asked for it. I’d love to see you post about incorporating vintage clothing into a stylish wardrobe.

Well, m’dear, I may have asked for it, but YOU’RE gonna get it! I love this request, especially as I think many of us fear attempting incorporation of vintage pieces into our modern, chic wardrobes. We think, “Polyester florals and ratty fringe, gold braid trim and heavy velvet? Not for me, thanks.”

But, obviously, vintage isn’t just the mondo-kitsch pieces. Vintage items can be crisp and clean as well as fun and funky, and you can make them a part of your daily wear without transforming yourself into a retro-throwback. (Of course, if you want to go that route, check out Solanah and Fleur de Guerre for some amazing inspiration. Actually, you should probably check them all out, just for the eye-candy.) read more