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Reader Request: Necklaces and Necklines

How to wear necklaces and necklines

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Readers Pranita, Meli22 AND Jingle Bella all requested some advice on how necklaces and necklines interact. How can I say no to three lovely readers?

This is a tricky subject, as the various styles of necklines sit differently depending on your shoulder width, bust size, and rib cage span … not to mention the fact that my opinions vary from those of some experts. But I think I can illustrate my reasoning with a few do and dont photos, and let you make your own choices from there!

My overall feeling is that a necklace must: read more

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Reader Request: Casual Friday, with Style

Sweet reader Christen had this request:

I’d LOVE some advice on Casual Friday. Are there rules? Does the meaning of “casual” depend on how buttoned-up the normal dress code is?

Well, my dear, here’s the simple answer: Ask your HR rep. Any office that has a normal dress code will ALSO have a few guidelines for dressing appropriately on Casual Fridays. If you’re worried about getting busted for wearing your sweatshirt and sneaks, ask the authorities. Better safe than sorry, eh? read more

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Feel Good Cheat-Sheet

Feel good cheat sheet

Don’t have time for a 5-mile run? Can’t seem to find a damn thing in the closet that makes you feel like electric sex? Feeling run-down, beat-up, and worn-out? Here are some quick, easy ways to make yourself INSTANTLY feel better about your body:

  • Put on some lip gloss. Preferably something that smells yummy.
  • Press the thumb of one hand into the palm of the other and massage. Switch.
  • Take off your shoes and do 7 jumping jacks. You decide if this should be in public or private.
  • Give yourself a 30 second head-massage. Just scritch your scalp with your nails very gently.
  • Go into a private room, look into the mirror, and smile. See how gorgeous you are?
  • Roll your shoulders back. Do it at least three times.
  • Macarena. Electric Slide. Bunny Hop. Something easy and rote and SUPER fun.
  • Take a peek at your boobs. Go on, do it! Man, aren’t they sexy?
  • Skip. Like, skip your way to your next meeting.
  • Flex a muscle. Any muscle. Look at it, pass your hand over it, feel proud of it.
  • Mentally list the three most fantabulous things about your very own bod.
  • Stretch. Arms, back, legs. Take a deep breath. Repeat.
  • Ask for a hug from the best hugger you know.
  • If you’re wearing a skirt, twirl. But don’t forget to spot, or you’ll getdizzyfalldown.
  • Say this, out loud: “I don’t have to change a thing. I’m already pretty. Right now, just as I am!”
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