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Reader Request: How to Do Neon Now

how to wear neon

Reader Jessica submitted this request in a comment:

Do you have a post on how to wear neon without looking ridiculous? If not, I’d love to see one!

I remember neon. I lived through the 80s. I never in a million years thought I’d don these blaring brights again but here we are in the 21st century, and I’m just as smitten with neon as I was back in 1983. I know that it’s not a color family that holds universal appeal, but if you’re curious about how to wear neon now and make it look fresh, here are my pointers: read more

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How Sleeve Length Impacts Figure-flattery

flattering sleeve length

Just when I feel like I’ve got the basics of flattering a variety of figures committed to memory, I read, hear about, or experience something that proves that the world of dressing is wide and deep and ever-expanding. My most recent discovery? Sleeve length can totally transform how a woman’s silhouette appears to the observing eye. I KNOW. Sleeve length. Who’d have thunk it?

Ages ago, I talked about a counter-intuitive sleeve-related tip: Sleeveless garments often work better on full arms than cap and short sleeves. So as we dive into the topic of how sleeve length can impact figure-flattery, let’s start there, shall we? read more

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Reader Request: Styling Stripes

How to wear stripes

Lisa popped a question about styling stripes in unusual ways into the Suggestion Box, and as a bona-fide stripe addict, I’m thrilled to tackle it!

With florals

Already Pretty outfit featuring floral cardigan, striped skater dress, pyramid stud belt, Antelope sandals, chain bracelet

Although I don’t mix prints as often as I used to, the pairing I feel most comfortable wearing is definitely stripes and florals. Make sure that both patterns include a common, dominant color so the mix appears cohesive. (In this case, both contain black.) If possible add another, solid item that draws out a color from one pattern or another. (In this case, the shoes and belt.) read more

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