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Toasty Legs: Recommendations for Truly Warm Tights

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Honestly? My legs seem to have fewer nerve endings that most of my other bits. I mean, my hands are CONSTANTLY cold, if my neck isn’t covered I get pretty miserable, and my feet can feel frosty through two pairs of socks and a pair of boots. But my legs? They don’t care. I take a 45-minute walk every morning so long as it’s 10 degrees or above, and yeah, my legs get cold but never the miserable, unbearable, make-it-stop kind of cold that afflicts my other parts. So I feel relatively ill-equipped to handle this particular reader request, which I believe has been submitted by at least nine of you over the past few years. read more

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Holiday Break!

Hi folks! I’m spending time with family for the Thanksgiving holiday, so will pause posting until Monday. If you celebrate, hope you have a warm, fun-filled time this weekend!

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Lovely Links: 5/12/17

Weekly Kitty:

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“The image of a fashion model is one of great significance to contemporary consumerist culture: she is a dream, an unattainable ideal, a paragon of beauty — and, consequently, a symbol of oppression for many women who strive all their lives to be like her and inevitably fail. This is the reason, perhaps, why models have never been enough of a focus of the feminist movement, although they could definitely do with some support. Often starting out as teenagers or young adults, models face pressures on mental and physical health, sexual harassment, and abuse of work rights.” read more

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