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Why I Wrote My Book

This video is from several weeks ago when I did a reading and signing at Subtext, a marvelous independent bookstore in St. Paul. I spent some time talking about my background and my decision to write my book, and then read an excerpt. The video isn’t the best quality unfortunately and you’ll have to crank the sound, but stick with it!

How to Knot a Blouse at the Waist

I’ve become extremely fond of gathering up my buton-front shirts and blouses and knotting them at the waist. You’ve seen me do this approximately 70 trillion times since spring, I believe. And I had a couple of folks ask for some tips for how to make this work, so I whipped up a video!

Requisite list of things I forgot to mention in the video itself:

  • I don’t do this with pants, so I can’t offer much advice there. But I believe that on some body shapes, knotting lower on the torso will work beautifully. (If you knot as high as I do, you’ll need some taaaalllllll pants.)
  • This technique also works with dresses. See?
  • Finally shirts and blouses with some stretch/spandex will generally knot better and hug the body a bit closer.
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