Guest Post: Stylist Char Dobbs on Weight, Style, and Confidence

Stylist Char Dobbs talks weight, style, and confidence

Today, I’m just thrilled to offer you a guest post from stylist Char Dobbs! I met Char at a LOTT event, and we hit it off immediately when I discovered that her styling philosophy mirrored my own: She believes that style and confidence are linked, and that dressing well can help women who struggle with self-image feel bolder and braver. I’m no longer offering style consult services myself, so I’m especially excited to have connected with Char since she offers the same gentle, body-positive approach that I did!

In this guest post, Char delves into her own struggles and explores the benefits of embracing your today-body and dressing it impeccably.

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Weight Gain Does Not Impact Our Pretty

By Char Dobbs

The backstory is that in two years, I gained about 30 pounds. It didn’t happen overnight, but once I recognized the change it sure had an immediate effect on my state of mind. If you’ve ever gone through something similar, you’ll be familiar with the blow it can deal to your self-esteem.

You avoid leaving your house.
Tears flow when you stand in your closet, which is now chock-full of clothes that no longer work for you.
It sucks.
It’s frustrating.

Definitely not a place where you want to stay.

After feeling this way for some time, I KNEW there had to be a better way. And I discovered that there was.

We often punish ourselves when we are not at our “ideal” weight. We don’t go to the beach because we don’t think we’ll look great in “beachwear.” We don’t buy that amazing blouse because we want to lose 10 pounds. We believe we’ll deserve stylish clothes only after we’ve dropped a few pounds.

The negatives go on and on. Trust me, I’ve been there. However, what I learned is that this kind of behavior only hurts YOU.

So, my lightbulb moment: Learn to love the shape you are (right now!) and DRESS to that shape. Embrace your body as it is. Love on it.
When I did this, I finally felt like myself again.

Even if you still intend to lose weight or change your shape, this is an important first step. Making changes that last starts by LOVING where you are. And dressing well, even when you’re struggling to love your shape, can work wonders for your state of mind. There is something about putting on something you feel GREAT in. You feel unstoppable. You feel free. You feel….beautiful.

So, if you need to purchase a few things to help you feel your best while you’re still working on shifting your weight, DO IT. It’s money well spent, trust me. I’m not suggesting you buy a whole new wardrobe, just a few key pieces to help you feel confident and beautiful while you are in transition.

Here are three quick ways to help you start:

  1. Compliment yourself! – Look in the mirror and say, “I like my…” (insert thighs, legs, smile, hair, eyes, wrists, ankles…you get my drift :)) You may not truly mean it on the first try, but you will over time. Your body is a beautiful creation, so show it some love.
  2. Schedule a spa hour – Pamper your body. Take five minutes to schedule a pedicure, message, or facial. It’s amazing how rejuvenated you will feel afterwards. And again, you deserve it.
  3. Treat yourself to a mini-shopping spree – No matter where you are in your body journey, there are items that will work for your shape! A pencil skirt, sheath dress, statement jacket, bootcut jeans, or shoes will never steer you wrong. If you find that you need to add some flavor to your look, these are tried-and-true classic pieces that can work at any size.

Weight fluctuates, especially as we get older. But never let a weight change convince you that you’re no longer beautiful, or no longer worthy of stellar style. Do your best to love yourself no matter what that scale says, and dress accordingly!

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Hi, I’m Char Dobbs, a style advocate for working women and owner of Char Style & Image Consulting. Early on, I realized that clothes were an amazing tool to help me navigate life while feeling more confident, energetic, and at ease. I know that many women—especially working women—are frustrated with their clothes and I want to help change that. I work with ambitious women infuse more authenticity, confidence, and ease into their everyday relationship with personal style.

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