Color Groupings: A Visual Feast

With 220 pins and counting, my Color Pairing Inspiration Pinterest board is one of my favorites to expand and explore. As the days get shorter and darker, I find myself downshifting to subdued neutrals even though I know that wearing color will lift my spirits. So I’ve been roaming around this board and Pinterest at large seeking out colorful inspiration. I’d be willing to bet that many of you could use some colorful inspiration, too, as the days dim down. And even you Southern Hemi folks might be seeking some bold, bright new dressing ideas! So here are a few of my recent faves:



Orange and blue are my high school colors, so I always have trouble actually wearing them together. But I adore this mix, especially as it incorporates two amazing prints.



Piling more than three bright colors into a single outfit can often backfire, but this unexpected combo is undeniably successful. And the black! Such a surprising addition, but central to the grouping.



Definitely darker, but so inspired. I would never have thought to pair dark navy and neon yellow, but they just WORK together. I could even see adding more of the neon to the mix to brighten it up a bit.



I love olive green with animal prints, and adding teal to the mix brings out the best in both. Utilizing two shades of olive gives great depth, too.



Hmm, seems like an alternate title to this post could be, “I love leopard print. With EVERYTHING.” But this outfit also serves as a great reminder that ANY black and white print from stripes to dots will work beautifully with bold brights like red and yellow.



This image is from J.Crew’s Winter 2011 campaign, and has been a color touchstone for me since then. I’ve tried to recreate this orange, magenta, and teal combo many times and always failed. Might have to do with saturation and tone. I haven’t given up yet!



A great reminder that you can combine two super bright, verging-on-neon colors if you throw some balancing neutrals into the mix. And that stripes make everything more fun.



So elegant and rich, even with relatively subdued shades. Plum, maroon, and camel feels like a very re-create-able combo, too.

What color mixes are you loving these days?

Originally posted 2013-11-06 06:23:52.

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13 Responses to “Color Groupings: A Visual Feast”

  1. Anna

    I love the last combo. Plum I have. Maroon (well, dark red) I have. Camel—not a stitch; it washes me out. Guess I’d better look for shoes or a scarf or something in camel!

  2. julie

    the outfit i got a lot of compliments on was a merlot pencil skirt with a turquoise lace peplum blouse. i also wore turquoise shoes. so i wore it again in a completely different setting – no overlap of anyone who saw me the first time, and it didn’t get any comments. Although I did wear different shoes, maybe it was the shoes that made the outfit.
    I bought some new clothes last week, black, black & nude, black & white and grey, I need to find a way to add some colour to those pieces because I tend to wear a lot of colour in the spring and summer and black and grey in the fall/winter. any suggestions for colour additions?

  3. poodletail

    I’m still wearing my same neutrals but spotting someone on the street sporting any of these sweet combinations would make my entire day!

  4. Tagatha

    I’ve always hated the combination of red and yellow, for some reason it makes me think omelet with ketchup (eww). This is the first time it actually looks good, I’m wondering if it’s the colour of the trousers or the colour AND the pattern?

    That olive and teal look is gorgeous!

  5. Stacy

    I am wearing navy pants/shoes with a chambray button up and neon yellow sweater today. đŸ™‚ Chocolate brown leather belt and bomber jacket to top it off. Your post made me feel like I know what I’m doing! So thank you for that!

  6. f.

    I think the secret to that orange / teal / magenta image are all the different textures – the chunky scarf, the fuzzy sweater, and the smooth leather gloves. The neutral bracelets and sunglasses are also working overtime…

  7. Emma

    I really love the first two and the last one the best. I have always really loved blue and orange together. I do understand what you’re saying about them being your high school colors, though — purple and gold were my middle school colors, and though I think they can be beautiful together, they unfortunately remind me of the worst time of my life. I honestly wish schools didn’t pick colors, if only for that reason.

    The colors I am most drawn to are the various shades of green, as well as different jewel tones. Neon is fine, but not my thing. I love the rich colors. I also think you can do wonders with a nice chocolate brown, one of my favorite color-mixing colors. (In fact I need more brown clothing.) I once had a light knee-length trenchcoat that was a beautiful rusty orange color, and I loved it, but unfortunately that was when I was about fourteen and I outgrew it barely before I stopped growing altogether. Otherwise I’m sure I’d still be wearing it all the time.

  8. GingerR.

    Looking at those bright green pants with the black sweater and blue jacket I’m struck by how those pants stay on that models hips without a belt and without the crotch being inches lower. I think they’ve got to have been pinned up at the waist or tailored. Pants like those off-the-rack are always dragging on me.

  9. Sarah

    Like you Sally I’m a late bloomer when it come to style. But over the last year or two I have been experimenting and building a wardrobe I am proud of. Today I am wearing cobalt, citron & black which I never would have thought to put together if I did not read this blog. It looks awesome. Thank you Sally!