Dressed for: Undone Comfort

Already Pretty outfit featuring military jacket, sweater tunic, leggings, Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots, Rebecca Minkoff Logan bag

Jacket – thrifted – similar
Tunic – H&Msimilar
Leggings – Huesimilar
Boots – Fiorentini + Baker Eternity via eBay
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Logan (no longer available) – similar
Earrings – Corset
Necklaces – Etsysimilar look

I tend to like things neat and tidy. Over the years, I’ve had to adjust my expectations because the world is not a neat and tidy place. My hair is not a neat and tidy ecosystem. And these boots – which have been on my wishlist for more than five years and got nabbed six months ago on eBay – are meant to be kinda undone and messy looking. They scrunch and pucker and the straps curl and stick out on everyone. And seeing as they’re comfy and gorgeous, I’m happy to let them do their thing. read more

Dressed for: Weekend Reading

Already Pretty outfit featuring DKNY knit moto, NYDJ cargo skinnies, Clarks booties, fringe handbag

Jacket – DKNY via Marshalls – similarvest version| also in plus
Tee – Alternative Apparel
Cargos – NYDJ Darleen (old, but a few sizes still available)
Booties – Clarks (no longer available) – VERY similar
Necklace – Altered Ever After/art fair
Earrings – Corset
Bag – this + DIY (tutorial forthcoming)

This outfit was worn for a curled-up reading session. HM and I continue to carve out weekend time for reading, mostly in local cafes where we can sip warm beverages. I’m a sucker for Caribou’s dark chocolate hot chocolate. In fact, it’s spoiled me on all other cafe hot chocolates – they all seem wimpy in comparison. So when I say “local cafes” I mostly mean “nearby Caribous.” Though we do try to mix it up sometimes. read more

Dressed for: Having it Both Ways

Already Pretty outfit featuring leather moto jacket, olive green tank, cargo sweatpants, black pumps

Leather moto – Bagatelle (no longer available) – similar
Tank – thrifted – similar
Fancy Sweatpants – Hue (no longer available) – similar style in gray
Pumps – Clarks Wessex Wyvern
Necklace – courtesy SBG Designs
Earrings – Corset

I’m gonna be a total brat right now and say that I had these fancy sweatpants before fancy sweatpants became a thing. OK, I’m done.

This moto jacket is one of my favorite finds because the sleeves zip off and it can be worn as a vest. (Seen here.) In most cases multi-use or reversible items seem gimmicky to me, and typically one way of wearing them is far superior to the others. But this guy looks equally great both ways. Now if I could just figure out a way to use the zipped-off sleeves by themselves … read more