Dressed for: Very Special Satchels

Already Pretty outfit featuring blue cardigan, Marimekko dress, Corso Como Del, Rhodesian of Edinburgh satchel

Cardigan – thrifted – similar
Dress – local store now out of biz – similar color/scaleMarimekko at BR
Pumps – Corso Como Del
Bracelets – Goldy + Macsimilar look
Earrings – Midtown Global Marketsimilar
Satchel – two-tone Clio courtesy Rhodesian of Edinburgh

It’s a two-fer today, friends. Having been out of town for nearly a week, I’m behind on outfits. Our trees are nearly in full leaf and we’ve already mowed once, but it’ll look like early spring in my photos for a while yet! This is frequently my Easter dress for a day at the in-laws but I wore it instead to illustrate how diverse florals can look for one of my weekly Fox 9 Morning Show appearances a few weeks back. Not all florals are ditsy! And although most of the Banana Republic Marimekko stuff is black and white, this dress was made from a brighter Marimekko print. read more

Dressed for: Living and Learning

Already Pretty outfit featuring green plaid dress, green suede platform pumps, leather clutch, rhinestone bib necklace

Dress – Byron Lars Beauty Mark (no longer available) – similar-ish – also cute
Heels – Seychelles (no longer available) – similar color
Necklace – gift – similar
Earrings – Bibelotsimilar
Clutch – Aldo, if I remember right (no longer available) – similar color/size

Oh, fancy-pantsy green plaid dress that I’ve had for years and loved for all of those years. You taught me a lot about yourself when I wore you to Flight of Fashion a few weeks back. You taught me that with a low enough neckline and a properly applied sticky-cup bra, I actually CAN achieve cleavage. You taught me that more dresses really should have sleeves. And, sadly, you taught me that you kinda need to be taken in at the shoulders and bodice a bit to fit properly now. And than you wrinkle immediately. As in I look at you and you get wrinkly. read more

Dressed for: Retro Rocker

Already Pretty outfit featuring green cardigan, navy Land's End dress, gray tights, gray Tsubo boots, three strand sparkly necklace, gray snakeskin belt

Cardigan – thrifted – similar
Dress – Land’s End (mine from last year, but same style still available)
Tights – good question – similar
Belt – thrifted – similar
Boots – Tsubo Faline
Necklace – courtesy The Bibelot Shop
Earrings – Ashley Spatula

This is another outfit that got worn while working a shift at Corset. It doesn’t strike me as particularly retro, but while I was chatting with a truly adorable older gal she suddenly grabbed my arm and said, “You’ve got such a fun retro look going on!” I wondered if the new spiky ‘do would clash with some of my dressing preferences, but I’m actually enjoying the juxtaposition. Retro rocker it is. read more