My Winter Strategy: It’s all about texture

Yours Clothing plus size fuzzy cardigan, embellished top and leggings, Sam Edelman leopard print booties, New Look statement choker necklace Yours fuzzy cardigan and embellished top

Fuzzy Cardian- Yours Clothing

Statement Collar necklace (old)- New Look

Embellished sleeveless top- Yours Clothing

Leggings- Yours Clothing

Boots- Sam Edelman (out of stock) similar here and here 

I always struggle with winter clothing because everything becomes so utilitarian, I usually end up stuck in a rut with leggings and sweaters. However, since I’m lucky enough to live in a place where the coldest it will ever get is about 10°C ( I’m sure most of you are laughing at that), I don’t have to worry about wearing anything too heavy duty. There really is no excuse for me to fail at achieving some holiday glamour when so many of you ladies manage to do it at temperatures starting with a minus sign.

So, this year, I am trying to play with textures in an attempt to be comfortable but still feel like I’m expressing my sense of style. I’ve invested in lots of fuzzy and faux things – faux fur vests, pleather, and I’ve even thrown in some sequined sweaters.

Layering usually involves lots of sweaters or jackets or boots flying across my room but I guess it’s nice to be challenged for a few months. If all else fails, I’ll just stick to black and throw on something leopard print!

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6 Responses to “My Winter Strategy: It’s all about texture”

  1. Cassandra Westfall

    Love this look! While my winters get much colder, I definitely understand what you’re saying about the rut. January and February are the hardest months for me, style-wise. I’m already bored with my new fall pieces and the weather is just depressing!

    Adding textures and shine help give the same ‘ol a feeling of something new. 🙂


    • Weesha

      It really must be a struggle, especially when you have to deal with how cold and grey it is. I’m not sure I would survive that weather! I guess sparkle might help combat that 🙂

  2. Carol Norris

    I have those same Sam E boots and just love them! I wear them like they are a neutral and get a ton of complements on them. Love your outfit.