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AP-Alt Key

One of my Style Muses is Emmanuelle Alt, Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Paris. She has a look (slim pants or jeans and jacket, feminine shoes or boots, and one or two pieces of standout jewelry) and mostly sticks to it. She keeps to a palette of black/white/denim or chambray and has mastered that Parisian-just-threw-it-on-but-totally-together thing. Despite the fact that she has a very different body type than I do (she’s tall and willowy while I’m petite and curvy) I’ve been able to adapt some of her signature looks to my own body and wardrobe. She really works the white jeans year-round, and has inspired me to do the same.

AP-Alt key 2 AP-Alt Key 3

Jacket: Eileen Fisher, several years old, similar style // Tee: Eileen Fisher // Jeans: NYDJ from last year, similar // Necklaces: French Kande (pendant) and several years old (beads), similar // Sandals: Arche and similar from Munro

Do you have a “Style Muse”?¬† If so, what has your Muse inspired you to try?

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5 Responses to “Alt Key”

  1. Judy Carpenter

    I never thought about having a style muse because my body is so unlike that of the more stylish women–heavy set and 69 years old. It’s a neat thought and I’ll get to work on it right away. Thanks

  2. Shawna McComber

    I am not aware of having one in particular, but I know what I like and I draw some influence from all around me. I often wonder who is the style muse of the style muses.

  3. l s

    I’d love to have someone like that whom I could consider a style muse, but I haven’t yet been able to find anyone who clicks for me. Thanks for this reminder; I think I’ll try harder to find my own muse.

    You’re right, though, Emannuelle Alt does have a great look, but then so do you! I’ve followed the blog “Une Femme…” for a long time, and you always look stylish and chic, but ‘real’ too. And this outfit looks terrific on you!

  4. Nicolene Richards

    Perhaps we all have a style muse, I am quite inspired by Ines – the former Chanel muse and model. Seems the French always get it right! I am a fan of Susan’s style from Unne Femme… featured here!