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If it were just warm out that would be one thing, but so often we spend our days in offices where the air conditioning is set anywhere from “approaching pleasant” to “meat locker” so layering is a must. I find a lightweight silk shirt picks up where a jacket leaves off. I picked up these olive chinos recently, and don’t know how I’ve lived so long without them. For those who work in a business casual-BUT-NO-JEANS!! environment, they are a wonderful alternative.

Shirt: Equipment // Tank: Eileen Fisher (also available in Plus) // Pants: J.Crew // Earrings: Argento Vivo, similar // Watch: Michael Kors // Bag: Balenciaga // Shoes: Sam Edelman


AP Warm Weather 3

I can’t believe how heavy handbags have become over the last few years. One thing about the classic Balenciagas…they are very lightweight.

AP Warm Weather 2

If your workplace doesn’t allow sandals or open-toed shoes, d’orsay styles or open back ankle strap styles like these keep feet cooler than a closed pump, but usually won’t raise an eyebrow from the Dress Code Police.

How do you deal with dressing for the office during warm seasons?

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8 Responses to “Warm Weather Business Casual”

  1. Ruth Slavid

    Nice choice of clothes, but what really fascinates me are all these rules. Who says them? I understand if an environment is fairly formal and you can see what everybody else wears and comply. And I can understand if you are customer-facing in a bank or something and there are actual written rules. But in an office? This reminds me of school – ‘no denim’ etc. And ‘you can’t wear open-toed shoes’. Are they written down? How do you bear them? These rules drove me mad when I was 16. Now, more than 40 years later, I would find them intolerable. (obviously, no open toes if it is a safety issue). I think I have always dressed fairly conservatively and appropriately, and these days tend to be a little too smart rather than the opposite, but judging and guessing is one thing – being told is just unbearable.

    • Une femme

      Ruth, we don’t have those particular rules in our office, but I have had comments on my blog from women who do have to abide by those kinds of dress codes, whether written or just verbally declared by a boss. I wear jeans probably 80% of the time to work but have had many requests for business casual outfits that don’t include them.

      • Ruth Slavid

        Hi, I understand what you are doing and I think it is great – just feel sorry for those poor women. I do understand where it comes from. I work freelance myself and when I go to offices/ meetings I have a no-jeans rule for myself even though many of the people I see are in jeans. But that is for a couple of reasons. One is that some people look smarter in jeans than others do. And I like the feeling that I am dressing to go out. Also I think that dressing one or two notches above the required level can only have a good effect – obviously many notches above can be disastrous! But when I saw one of my friends recently who runs a small charity very successfully, she was wearing cut off jeans admittedly with a long top over them. When she bent over I commented that I thought she needed a new pair of shorts because the huge rip on the back showed her bum cheeks, she laughed and said they are her regular pair for work but she tries not to wear them if they have an important visitor coming to their office (which by the way is in the centre of London almost in the city). So obviously some people can wear anything.

  2. SierraDelta

    This is pretty much perfect, with one tiny caveat — I’d have gone with red shoes!

  3. ballewal

    My experience in the business world has been in seriously formal environments. This outfit doesn’t read business casual to me. Casual, sure, just not business casual.

  4. fashionforgiants

    I love the olive with the leopard. And I’m jealous of your shoes; I tried them on and they killed my poor, not-that-wide feet.

  5. No fear of fashion

    Ohhh love this outfit. Looking so good. Best heels ever! And that shirt is so attractive. You are right, the olive trousers are a perfect base. Hadn’t thought of that. They don’t cry for the attention but might just finish off the look.