Dressed for: Cropped and Covered

Already Pretty outfit featuring layered crop top, black slip dress, compass star necklace, black chain ankle boots, fringe handbag, crystal earrings

Crop top – thrifted – similar
Dress – courtesy Gudrun Sjöden
Boots – Dolce Vita Yazmina
Earrings – Adriana Soto
Necklace – courtesy Mark Defrates (mention Already Pretty for 15% off!)
Bracelets – Sage K & Co
Bag – Amazon/DIY (post here) – similar look

Never thought I’d be a crop-top wearer, but looky here: I am. Not quite ready to bare my midriff, but find that throwing a cropped top over a simple dress creates some fun proportions and cute layers. Lots of dresses out there with layered looks to them, but re-creating the look can be cheaper: If you don’t own crop tops, consider cropping and hemming an old tee. Mix and match with various dresses.

This necklace was a gift from the lovely folks at Mark Defrates, and is the same compass star shape you may have seen tattooed on my foot. (No? Here you go.) It’s a symbol I’ve loved for a long time since it represents guidance, but also self-reliance. Helps, too, that it’s just plain cool looking.


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8 Responses to “Dressed for: Cropped and Covered”

  1. Thekat

    To be honest, I think your tattoo makes the outfit! The pieces are all cool, but the ink really ties it all together, imo.

  2. Eva

    I love this look — the layering and the booties, especially! Will have to try this crop top option!!

  3. Shawna McComber

    I love this outfit and it’s perfect with a bit of tattoo peeking out. Like you, I do not wish to bare my midriff but I like cropped tops. I like a short of long effect and so I use layers. Cutting off a tee shirt does work well and I have done that successfully. Maybe it’s time to revive the Flashdance look 😉

  4. fashionforgiants

    Oh, this is great. Seriously chic and tough and cool all at once. Love!

  5. pambamboo

    Thank you very much Sally! We make our jewelry by hand and to order and it’s all symbolic! Fun!

  6. nesspas

    Your tattoo + those booties + that entire outfit = so on point. I cannot even stand it.