Daily Outfit: 10/12/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring Desigual dress, Kork-Ease Alva boots, cropped red cardigan, Silvercocoon earrings, clear quartz bracelet

Red cardigan, thrifted – similar
Dress, Desigual – more Desigual
Tank, courtesy Karen Kane
Boots, Kork-Ease Alva – a few pairs on eBay
Earrings, courtesy Silvercocoon – have you entered the giveaway?
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Bag, Mid City Tote courtesy Foley + Corinna

Well, friends, there’s nothing quite like having all your comments, post topics, and tags disappear to give a day of tech support dealings that fast-and-furious feeling. I’m kind of amazed that my head didn’t fall off. Seems like everything on the site is back to normal now, but with all the hiccups I’ve had recently, I probably won’t relax until it has remained normal for at least a week. Oy. OY, I tell you.

I also double-booked myself for this evening, was late to an online appointment due to time zone mix-ups, and spent most of my morning sweating in front of my computer wearing only my underwear and these boots. Like that visual? You’re welcome.

The remaining garments came later, and make the outfit both more interesting and less likely to cause my arrest. Don’t you agree?

Sorry. Bit slap-happy. Coherence in the morning. Promise.

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19 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 10/12/11”

  1. RhondaBeth

    You look adorable–as always! I ordered two Desigual dresses from ebay after seeing how cute they looked on you in earlier posts. Unfortunately they do not flatter my body type in the least despite being absolutely awesome on the hangers. I need to list them to recoup some of the money I spent so I can continue my own cute dress quest! 🙂

    • Sal

      Oh boo, sorry to hear that RhondaBeth! Believe me, MOST Desigual dresses look a mess on me, too. They’ve got some brilliant and some deeply weird design ideas.

  2. Bella Q

    LOVE the visual. But the dress is nice too.
    Glad your website is back to normal. I keep waiting for normal to kick in, myself. I’ll keep waiting.

  3. Beth

    I have the exact same Desigual dress!
    …though mine is decidedly more low-cut. Did you do something to alter the look? Interested to know what you might have done to alter the look of the *ahem* spicy look of the original…

      • el Maggie

        I have that dress too! Sal, I actually discovered your blog when a friend forwarded one of your outfits of the day last spring with something else by Desigual, since she and I had both discovered the brand in Spain and fallen in love (I think it’s carried in department stores, but there are no Desigual outlets here in Canada).

  4. Sandie

    So sorry you had a frustrating day. But I do like it when you say OY.

    Yiddish (I think it counts as Yiddish) just makes tsuris more bearable.

  5. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Oh what a day of “opportunities” for you, Sal (that’s what one of my old bosses used to say — bleeccchhh). Glad normalcy is mostly restored. And you look completely un-flustered and lovely in your print dress.

  6. Cindy

    Hello! As a stylist, I am so appreciative of your website. It is absolutely unlike any other, and clearly a source of amazing daily inspiration for others! Outfit posts are such a fantastic way to share styling ideas. While perusing your looks, I’ve noticed you’ve got a thing for oxfords. Button-downs are a classic staple and should be in everyone’s wardrobe, but I would love to see you mix it up some more:



    In these three cases, ditching the oxford for a simple solid blouse, or a silk shell would make all the difference. Sometimes when I notice I fall back on the same silhouette or style, I try shelving that particular look for a bit and then it gives me that much more room for stylistic inspiration to grow! Also, Fall is upon us, which means it is boot season. But careful when pairing knee-length books with midi-length skirts. This can often truncate the frame. For a lengthening look, try wearing your fabulous boots over a pair of straight-legged jeans.

    Hope these tips and tricks inspire some more looks to come! Please keep inspiring others, as you always do!! xoxo

  7. laura @ in widening circles

    Oh, my love for Desigual runs deep. Muy deep. I lived in Madrid for a while and my favorite shopping days were spent darting around the GIANT Desigual store off Plaza Callao. Furthermore, you hit it right on the head with this, “They’ve got some brilliant and some deeply weird design ideas.”

  8. Cel

    Well, at least everything seems to have turned out alright! I live by myself and have been to known to sit around in just shoes and underthings more often than not so hey, who cares? Haha… Desigual just have such a wicked way with patterns.

  9. Marti

    You are truly adorable, and if you ever run out of mothers, I volunteer for the position. I especially like the visual of the boots and underwear because it makes me feel less alone when I do that kind of thing.

    Love the dress, and wish you had included a photo of it without the sweater as well.

  10. Claire

    Although I’m a neutrals girl and more spare with color, orangey-red and turquoise is one of my very, very favorite color combinations and I’m just drawn to wear it. I wonder why. Anyway, nicely done! And I hear ya about doing certain things in incongruous attire like undies. Sometimes I get drawn into that too. I feel especially exposed when I’m at the sink topless doing the dishes 🙂