Daily Outfit: 10/20/10

Floral corduroy blazer, thrifted
Green dress, Athleta
Boots, Coclico via eBay
Earrings, a shop in SF

Husband Mike had an appointment after work today, so we took this in the morning. People, I am NOT looking forward to a long, dark winter of indoor outfit shots. Bleh.

On the bright side, I love how this apple-green dress lightens my beloved floral cord blazer. I’m used to pairing it with deep plums, which darken it, or whites, which blow it out. This is definitely a happy medium.

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27 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 10/20/10”


    I have devoted my blog to Spirit Day 🙂 Pop on over if you get a chance , I'd love to hear from you 🙂
    Retro Reva

  2. Diana

    Love the outfit! The green goes great with the blazer.

    I too did not find out about spirit day until after I got to work this morning… too bad since I have a ton of purple in my closet!

  3. Jasmine

    First comment this time?

    Nice blazer. It goes very with your dress and boots. Color mix and match can be hard. This looks great.

  4. ismay

    Indeed! Purple sweater, tights and boots today, with a red skirt. As I look around, about 20% of women at my university are wearing purple, but no men… Sad not to see Sal in purple though!

  5. Lesa

    Head to toe purple check me out at Always Summer.

    BTW: Friday is Pink day in these parts..

    Love your dress!

  6. La Historiadora de Moda

    I was in plenty of purple today! I just posted about it over on Fashionable Academics.

    I love your floral blazer!

  7. fashionflirt

    I did! I even went for a run wearing a purple tech top, AND went to yoga wearing a purple tank. Just to… You know, put it over the top.

  8. Kristin

    gorgeous palette, kind of retro autumnal, and those boots are just plain yummy!

  9. Lorena

    You look marvelous in green… I adore that jacket. Its so fabulous I knew it the moment I laid my eyes on it… it is thrifted !

  10. LPC

    This looks so great! And your hair up is genius! I didn't know to wear purple but I did purple up my Twitter avatar.

  11. Rebecca

    You have dark wood trim, which makes me very jealous.

    That blazer is lovely.

    I wore purple today, but am behind on my posts.

  12. Frances Joy

    I pulled out my purple today!
    That blazer is amazing, by the way.

  13. joelle van dyne

    sooo cute! that dress is my favorite shade of pale green, and i love how you paired the summery shade with that heavier blazer. ~joelle

  14. Someone

    That jacket is wonderful. I have an orange floral one on my wishlist but since it's $500…not any day soon. I wish I could rock jackets better, I don't know what it is, they just don't work for me easily. Love yours!

  15. eek

    Fantastic blazer! Love it!

    I wore a berry-colored top so I'm thinking it counts for spirit day 🙂

  16. Megan Mae

    I love the green with the blazer. The print 'feels' modern and pops out in a great way.

    I was somehow vastly unaware of Spirit Day and would have also worn purple. I nearly did anyway but opted for a multi colored top that did have some purple in it.

  17. sarah

    how do you like this Athleta dress? I was tempted to purchase one, but some of the negative reviews dissuaded me. The fabric was described as thin and clingy by a number of reviewers.

  18. Sal

    sarah: It is both thin and clingy for sure. But the cut of the dress is so cute and it's so ridiculously comfy, I still adore it. A slip helps mitigate the cling!

  19. Joy

    I LOVE that blazer!! I have a pair of cords that would look great with it!!

    You look great, as always!!

  20. Between Laundry Days

    Yeah, I'm slowly adjusting to the idea that indoor outfit shots are coming up. On the upside, this outfit is fantastic, and couldn't be made any less awesome, no matter the photo location!

  21. orchidsinbuttonholes

    That blazer is so awesomely different. I love it with the green dress, Sal!

  22. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Cute blazer. And I'm hearing you on the indoor shots. I think it might be bye-bye to my weekends for a few months as I shoot all my outfits for the week in one go.