Daily Outfit: 10/24/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring pink silk Smythe blazer, Athleta dress, Maxstudio Umberto booties, rhinestone bracelet, CZ studs

Blazer, Smythe Hunting Jacket – thrifted, similar shape
Dress, Athleta (no longer available) – similar
Socks, courtesy We Love Colors
Booties, Maxstudio Umberto – a few pairs on eBay
Bracelet, J.Crew ย ย (no longer available) – similar
CZ studs, gift –similar

It’s possible that this blazer is my greatest thrifting triumph. As you can see from the link above, similar styles from this same brand retail for $700. I paid $19.99 for mine. And my goodness, it’s lovely. Gorgeous raw silk, impeccably tailored, and such a fabulous cut. The brass buttons irritate me, but I can’t think of what I’d swap in that would look better. So until I find adequate replacements, they’ll stay.

What’s your greatest thrift triumph? How about your most recent thrift triumph?

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50 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 10/24/11”

  1. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    I desperately want a hot pink blazer. Yours is just gorgeous.

    And I love how you styled your booties. I have such thin ankles that I worry about my booties looking too big around them. But, I think black socks might help alleviate the problem.

  2. Patti

    I once found a vintage Halston cashmere evening gown with matching bolero, for six bucks at the Salvation Army. Sadly I’ve never worn it–it’s ivory, and the only things I’ve ever been invited to that are fancy enough for it are weddings, and so…but it’s one of those things that’s too good to let go of.

  3. Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

    Wow, not only is that jacket absolutely beautiful, but what a bargain! I am not sure what you don’t like about the buttons. I think they are just fine. They don’t detract from the jacket which other buttons might do. Love the jacket!!!!

  4. Sandy

    I second the pearl button suggestion, and also suggest pewter or hammered silver. My personal best thrifting score was a vintage St. John knit jacket… for $3.

  5. Mia

    That blazer is a thing of beauty–so cool!

    I don’t know if I have any super-impressive thrifting triumphs, but I was pretty jazzed to snag a pair of comfy Naturalizer heels (retailing at $70-$90) for $6. That’s my most recent impressive score, and one that still pleases me. Wotta deal!

  6. Leah

    Love it! The blazer is gorgeous and I love it with those booties.

    My most recent thrift score was a 60s dress in a green barkcloth that fit like it was tailored for me, for $3.99. I wear that dress so darn much.

  7. Allison

    Maybe mine wasn’t as great of a score as the ones mentioned above but I scored a classic Burberry trench for $75 and a Burberry sill scarf for $40. Both of these were bucket list items and getting them at a FRACTION of what they actually cost was score enough for me!

  8. Anne

    Last year I found a pair of Coach kitten heel pumps for $40.00 and not much later, a Kate Spade handbag for about $45.00. They are really my only designer pieces.

    Sally you look absolutely lovely in that jacket.

  9. Jane

    My most recent thrifting triumph is a cobalt blue Marc Jacobs silk georgette pussybow blouse, in mint condition for $7.99 at my local Savers. And it fits perfectly! I live in Australia and Marc Jacobs is not as well-known here as it is in the US – the staff at this store obviously hadn’t heard of it or it would have been priced much higher.

    The collar of the blouse had also flipped around on the hanger so as to obscure the ‘Marc Jacobs’ tag and I didn’t realise that it was MJ until I was putting it over my head in the change room. So I was really lucky that someone hadn’t snapped it up first! I thrift twice a week to maximise my chance of finding something awesome, but there is still a lot of luck involved in scoring a find like this.

  10. Nikki

    Found a couple pairs of Patagonia shorts last summer for hiking, $2 each. Recently got two pairs of pants, one for $3, the other in with a bunch of other stuff in the $4 bag sale, that were Michael Kors & O’Neill respectively. Not that I knew anything about the brands until I looked them up online, but they were both gorgeous colors and fit perfectly, so thought that was a pretty good deal. Found a pair of Mephisto walking shoes once in my size and a lovely gray so bought them for $3, but they’re built for narrow feet, and mine ain’t!

  11. Deborah

    A purple rayon/silk blazer that fits through the shoulders (needs the sleeve adjusted), a purple 100% silk tunic (the fabric is substantial, not flimsy) and a 100% silk skirt. Total cost: $8.00!!

  12. Eliza

    Love the fit of that jacket. I’m a fan of brass, but if you have your heart set on something else, what about finding a carved piece of jade that could be used as a button? Or search eBay for antique buttons, there are some beautiful options.

    My best thrifting buy was a Morgane Le Fay dress for $50. Looking at the MlF website, I’d guess that it was about $1,300 new! I’ve also found two vintage bags (one absolutely unused) in crocodile and (red) lizard skin for $40 each, an alligator belt for $20, and a Missoni skirt for my mother for $7. I also managed to snag a gold-tooled italian handbag on eBay for $20 -two weeks after my grandmother spent $500 on the exact same bag from the Florentine Leather School.

  13. Rocquelle

    That jacket is gorgeous! I love pink and the shape.

    My greatest thrifting triumph is a silver and gold pocket watch that I adore, and my recent thrifting triumph is a wool gray jacket that I’m turning into a vest!!

  14. Sheila

    My best thrift every was a Prada blouse for $3.99. My most recent score was a vintage 70s fringed turquoise cowgirl skirt for $10.00.

    That jacket is just killer on you, Sal! Wow!

  15. Megan Mae

    What a score on that jacket. And those boots, I can’t believe those boots!

    My best thrifted find – My versace star printed skirt for $2. I haven’t worn it too much since it’s a bit shorter than I usually wear my skirts, but maybe I’ll pull it out more now I can wear tights with it.

  16. Kenze

    My greatest thrifting triumph…hmmm, my entire wardrobe? It’s more than half thrifted at this point.

    As far as brands go, I really don’t pay attention. I buy what I like. My latest triumph is my entire haul from House of Vintage in Portland. Best thrift store I’ve ever been in! I got a great tweed skirt that is definitely going to be a staple this fall/winter

  17. sarah

    I haven’t scored any major designers … at least, none come to mind. But I did source almost all of my new fall wardrobe (new because I am two sizes bigger and finally accepted it) from goodwill this summer. I got a j crew perfect shirt for 8 bucks, an anthropologie skirt for $6, a velveteen peacoat for $14, a long suede coat for $2.50, a pleated sweater skirt for $2, all KINDS of things. In fact, just today I am wearing a hand-knit german wool cardigan in an allover tiled intarsia pattern in gorgeous ivory, taupe and camel that I found for $5 at value village. The extra button was still tacked to the inside. Amazing – they don’t make ’em like this anymore!

  18. Kelsey

    For buttons, I’d go with something silver or pewter too. Or, you could make your own with a raw silk that complements your jacket. Like maybe a darker fushia? Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul has a great selection of dupioni silk. The buttons are crazy easy to make too – you basically just cut a square to wrap around the button & use the little tool it comes with to punch all the pieces together.

  19. Grace

    Most of my clothes (other than jeans–yep, I wear jeans) are second hand. I’m not really a “label” person, typically…But these are my happy happy items– and it’s funny to realize that they are “brands” that have a reputation for enduring quality.
    * embossed vintage acme western boots, circa 70’s, 10 bucks in a consignment store. I have since re-soled and lined them for 75 bucks and still feel like that was the score of a lifetime.
    * “Little-red-riding-hood vintage talbots duffel coat, wool, warm, adorable with dreses in winter, hand-me-down from my aunt.
    * Patagonia fuzzy fleece, circa 80’s, unfashionably bulky but amazingly cozy.

  20. Tracy

    Love that blazer! I’ve acquired and discarded two pink blazers that never quite fit me right – that one looks perfect!

    My greatest thrifting score was as a poor college student sifting through the piles of old clothes on the floor (!) of a pay-by-the-pound shop in the Garment District of Boston. I spied a swatch of familiar plaid and pulled out an near-new Burberry trench coat, in just my size! I was so shocked to walk of there with it for $3 and change, I was sure they were going to stop me at the door and say there had been some mistake!

  21. Dianne

    Several years ago I found a pair of tall Italian boots, lovely soft leather, leather lined, laced from toe to top, for $6.99 at Value Village. This past spring I found a pair of Acme cowgirl boots, w/ very tall (almost knee-high), inlaid shafts, at the local Mennonite ‘Village Green’ shop, for $18.99. Both fit me perfectly, and had to become mine. Today, after finding a few miscellaneous sweaters at Value Village, I discovered, at Winners, a pair of Born ‘Davina’ Mary-Jane’s, in cognac, at almost half-off the list price. The only pair in the store, they were exactly my size! (Not exactly thrifting, but certainly more affordable than full price!)

  22. Erika A

    My best thrift? I don’t know. Most of mine are nothing to write home about – just simple pieces that I really need. My most recent awesome thrift is a black sweater dress with a nipped in waist, perfect for the Thanksgiving holidays. Granted, it’s a dress from Target, but it still had the tags on it and was a third of what I would have paid at Target. I consider that a GREAT success!

    Today’s outfit: I really like it but I don’t like booties, boo. What other shoes would you suggest for a simple, fun dress-and-blazer combo like this one?

  23. coffeeaddict

    Gorgeous! Love the notched colar, the gathered sleeves bot most of all the curvature in the front. A very feminine blazer but with a nice crisp tailoring. My favourite. Turning pink with envy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Chris

    Such a lovely jacket! It fits like it was made for you. Did you have it tailored?

    My greatest find was on EBay — an heavy wool Aquascutum coat that retailed for ยฃ600. I paid ยฃ35!

  25. Sigi

    Lovely jacket! I think that bone or shell buttons would go well with the raw silk, or even wood (in the right neutral shade).

  26. Anna

    Gorgeous jacket (perfect color) and outfit! As for buttons, how about self-covered? DIY or have a seamstress make them from fabric hidden in the facings, under the hem, etc.

    My best thrifting triumphs are scarves and earrings from yard sales and estate sales.

  27. Ela

    Amazing! I really love this outfit on you, very polished, elegant and fun at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for my greatest thrift finds….a MARCCAIN 100% virgin wool lined blazer for 6 Euro (retails for around 300 Euro), a Max Max Weekend yellow spring jacket for 6,5 Euro (retails for A LOT…200 Euro maybe? At least) and also a really beautiful dark blue pencil jean skirt for 5 Euro that’d have costed me at least 50 Euro. Today I also found an elegant, chocolate brown 79% wool waist-long coat with a faux fur collar that I adore – it looks tiny bit boring and unassuming but it’ll be very chic worn with boots, colorful tights and shorts/skirts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Jen

    Very late to the game but I couldn’t resist the chance to share my recent thrifting triumph. I found a long (3/4 length? It hits me just below the knee) charcoal grey wool overcoat. It’s a man’s coat, but despite my decidedly feminine shape, it fits me perfectly. It’s a bit roomy in the shoulders, but that’s nice because I can wear it with sweaters. I paid $17 for it.

    Here’s what makes it a thrifting triumph: It’s a Christian Dior. After doing some research online I’ve narrowed it down to an origin in the early 70’s, and according to what I’ve found it would have retailed for around $350.00 in that time period, but in today’s money that’s closer to $2,500.00. I still can’t quite believe that I found something that good in a thrift store. I’m an avid thrifter, but it still amazes me.

  29. Amy

    My best thrift score is a vintage Coach Willis bag (currently reissued at $298) for $10!!! I’ve been carrying it proudly for the last month ;^)

  30. Cel

    That is definitely an amazing blazer, it looks great on you. My latest thrift triumph is probably this crazy psychedelic patterned slinky maxi dress. It looks amazing, and it looks amazing on me and I am SO glad it fit me! I don’t think I have a particular greatest thrift triumph in general though, I’ve thrifted too many awesome things.

  31. Practical Paralegalism

    I’ve just started thrifting regularly, so my finds have been modest compared to some of the terrific finds above, but I love my older model Ann Taylor jacket ($22); Ann Taylor skirt ($12); and Banana Republic green skirt ($12). Oh, and my Forever 21 jeggings for $2.50 ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Tara

    Love the blazer! My most treasured “thrifted” score is a beautiful leopard faux fur coat from the 1960’s that I found at a garage sale 15+ years ago for 3 bucks! I’ve since worn it until the lining went out and had it replaced so it’s now restored to perfect condition. I love that coat!

  33. TK

    Love hearing about people’s thrifting finds! Mine: a Diane von Furstenberg dress for $10!

  34. Mary

    My greatest thrifting triumph really wasn’t about the clothes, although a new Fall wardrobe was part of it! We had a delightful thrift store that benefited the mentally handicapped in our area and they offered $4.00 to fill a grocery bag. I was starting nursing school at the time and the budget was really tight. There were 4 required books that sold for $100.00 each, which back then was a lot of money (this was over 20 years ago). I found all 4 books in the current edition, plus filled the rest of the bag up with new to me clothes for the start of the school year…all for $4.00!!! The thrifting Gods blessed me that day!

  35. FutureLint

    I’ve been combing the thrift stores for a bright pink blazer that isn’t terribly boxy and oversized forever! And in silk, no less! Awesome!

  36. Robin

    If it were my jacket, I would use some dark wood buttons (like walnut color).

    My most legendary thrift find was a pair of 1980’s gray leather Ferragamo heels for like $4.00.

  37. Seraphinalina

    I’m not a thrifter, so I don’t have a story for that. I do have a great retail story from a visit to my inlaws in Manitoba, Canada.
    I guess a bright pink cropped jacket with 3/4 puffed sleeves and standing portrait collar wasn’t appealing in a small town, I paid $20 for the regularly $120 jacket. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it off, but at the price, I figured I didn’t have much to lose. I have worn that jacket so often. It’s perfect in summer when I want a jacket around in air conditioning, it takes a black outfit and makes it cheery, it adds a professional edge for denim Fridays. Best risk I’ve taken hands down.

  38. Lorena

    The color, the cut, the fit – that jacket is perfect.
    My latest thrift triumph … a Escada blouse that I have yet to wear.

  39. Veronica

    My latest purchases have been jeans, specifically a pair of Lucky jeans that were priced at $8, I think, and they were half off too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. Tabitha

    Personally, I am not fond of the blazer look, but you pull it off very nicely, as always. ๐Ÿ™‚ I suppose one can discover that despite a dis-taste of something, that something can always work lovely for someone else.

  41. Victoria

    Greatest find is waiting to get to the tailor’s. J. Peterman shirt dress. Never worn, still with belt and replacement button.

    Need to get the sleeves shortened, and bust darts changed ever-so-slightly, but for $7.50? I’ll dye the HOT PINK dress black myself. And if the thread doesn’t take the dye so well? Contrast stitching? No problem.

  42. Michelle Golden

    Super cute jacket. Gorgeous fit!

    And about the boots, I’m totally with Gracey! I have narrow ankles and calves and almost always chicken out about wearing booties with skirts because of it (unless the skirts are mid-calf). But your sock idea could totally work for me, I think. Seems like the key is to keep it monotone. May do the same with taller boots, too! Thanks Sal!