Daily Outfit: 10/25/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring Anthropologie Field Skirt, mustard skirt, pom pom scarf, cornflower cardigan, magenta belt, Tsubo Acrea

Cardigan, thrifted – similar
Long-sleeved tee, Target (no longer available) – similar (mustard yellow color)
Skirt, Anthropologie Field Skirt (no longer available at Anthro) – a few on eBay
Scarf, courtesy Eileen Fisher
Pumps, Tsubo Acrea
Belt, thrifted – similar
Bracelet, thrifted – similar
Hoops, thrifted – similar
Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs via eBay – more turnlock bags

Today, I did another half-day’s worth of freelancing at my old day job. As I mentioned on Twitter, it feels very odd. Like when you’ve had dinner with someone and said goodnight, but then somehow run into them on your way to the parking lot and have to say goodnight all over again. But it’s also great to see my former coworkers and lend a hand with some quick-turn projects.

I had no idea this mustard skirt would become such a staple! I bought it back in February, and I’m guessing I’ve worn it at least a dozen times since then. I own it in navy, too, but this mustard version is definitely the favorite.

Do you have any items in your wardrobe that have become unexpected staples?

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38 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 10/25/11”

  1. K-Line

    Adorable outfit. I don’t know how you manage multiple wearings of things given the breadth of your wardrobe. I sense I have fewer items to choose from, and I still can’t get through it all. Of course, sometimes I end up wearing the same thing, cuz it works and it’s thought out already…

  2. Eleanorjane

    LOVE that outfit – the colours just sing together and it’s some really cute shapes on you.

    I think I’d get a lot of wear out of that mustard skirt too. I’m kind of looking out for some mustard clothing that I can get away with (it’s not my best colour, but I like it at the moment).

  3. Amelia

    Love this colour combination! And I thought that was a mustard coloured dress at first glance, so well matched!

  4. Molly

    Love this awesome, fall-inspired, jewel-toned outfit! Hope you’re having an awesome week Sal.

  5. KWu

    Fantastic color combo! The little bit addition of texture from the pompoms on the scarf and the belt really makes it, plus how the shoes are a neutral but not black.

  6. Cristina

    Love the combo of mustard and magenta, it really clicks well together! I will have to try the combo out, I have had a closet orphan mustard and lace skirt from Anthro, thanks for the inspiration.

    I would have to say my closet staple are my Frye Campus Boots, They are 10 years old but perfectly worn in. If I didn’t own 100 pairs of shoes I would wear them everyday.

  7. Lori

    My heart skips a beat every time you wear your anthropologie field skirt! In my mind it’s the perfect skirt and I love how you pair it with so many different looks. I am on a college-student budget and stalked it for months, but it sold out without ever being in my price range (<$40). Please continue wearing it forever so I can admire it on you 😀
    I have very much enjoyed seeing your style evolve over the years. Please don't stop what you're doing!

  8. Christine

    Sal, this color combination is just stunning :D! It works so perfectly & makes my eyes so happy.

  9. Hayley

    This is one of my favorite outfits, it’s something I totally would wear! I love how the tank top with the skirt makes it look like you’re wearing a dress. Also the color combinations are fantastic. Plus the grey shoes and handbag are gorgeous. I just flat out love, love, love this.

  10. Caroline

    mmmm, yes. I have a batik skirt that I refashioned from a pair of really oddly fitting shorts and have worn it dozens of times. Who knew that a floral batik (with orange flowers, which I thought was not my color) would become a staple?

    I really like the mustard and cobalt. Very cheerful.

  11. J.B.

    The mustard is a really lovely color, very pretty outfit.

    I have a teal green (like the color of malachite) 3/4 sleeve cardigan that a friend talked me into buying on a thrifting expedition (if it had been more than a couple of dollars there is no way I would have purchased it). I wear a lot of turquoise and aqua, but not usually something this green in that part of the color wheel. But it goes with all my outfits, I wear it constantly! Looks nice with aqua and mustard, looks good with maroon and rust and navy. And the fit is just great (very snug, in a good way). So that is my surprise staple.

  12. Mel@VasiliasVintage

    That mustard skirt has got to be, hands down, my favorite item from your wardrobe – love the color, the silhouette, everything. 🙂

    My wardrobe staples are in overall good shape, but they’re just…sad! If I’m not gussied up in my vintage dresses, I’m schlubbing around in dark-wash jeans, a hoodie, and vintage Enzo Angiolini loafers, sans socks! I’m either dressed to the nines or in typical San Diego uber-casual garb.

  13. Aziraphale

    Unexpected staple? This happens more than I’d like to admit. It shows how poor a judge of clothing I am!

    The latest one was a charcoal gray boyfriend cardigan. I’ve never owned a cardigan before — they just didn’t appeal to me — but I got one because I needed something to wear under a new unlined waxed cotton raincoat I got for my birthday. Turns out there’s a reason people like cardigans so much. They’re mighty useful! I think I’ve worn it every few days for a month.

  14. Starling

    This is one of my favorite color combos and silhouettes from you – so sassy and fun! Love the way the scarf draws the eye to your happy face and adorable haircut.

  15. Miss T

    A surprise staple for me lately has been a sleeveless tunic-length hoodie. Sweatshirt material, zips up the front. Hood is mesh. I have 3 of them: hot pink, navy, and bright yellow. These things are great, I wear them with all sorts of outfits. They are casual for sure, but the colors are so brilliant that they add some sophistication to what would be an otherwise boring outfit.

  16. Margaret

    Mustard and blue have never looked so good together before! I have a terrible obsession with mustard this season but have yet to own any. I would love to have a pair of mustard tights. I think it matches well with many colors, even though it’s not considered to be a neutral like black or blue.

  17. Lyddiegal

    That mustard skirt is totally awesome. And I both love and completely get your analogy. Its funny how weird it is, we say goodbye and then are completely thrown to have to see someone again.

  18. Sonja

    Cute outfit!
    Years ago I bought a black pants suit, because you know, every woman should own one. At that point of time I didn’t have any occasión whatsoever to wear it, as combined suit it just had nothing to do with my style.
    I wore the pants a lot on their own, but the blazer, never! Then, about two years ago, I started to experiment more with my looks and, mostly encouraged by blogs like this, I started to wear the blazer with jeans, as a light jacket. And it looked so faboulos, that not only this blazer has become an absolute wardrobe staple for me, but that in the meantime I have bought several other ones in different colours as well!

  19. swissrose

    Love this outfit on you, I like it better than some of your more recent outfits, but that’s just what different tastes dictate, right?! Still, I also really like this skirt of yours and the unusual colour pairings worked out great.
    Surprise staples happen all the time, usually something you bought “by the way” rather than the garment you thought you “had” to have and hey presto, it’s always hovering nearby…!

  20. Dee

    Hi, loved your analogy too about going back to your old place of work. Your analogy about the parking lot is perfect. As far as surpirising staples I had that feeling just this past weekend. Was wearing a pair of jeans that I almost didnt try on, let alone buy, and I have worn them to death. Literally. To my dismay they starting ripping while I was wearing them Sunday–not really mendable– and it happened right after I was thinking how glad I had bought them and almost hadn’t tried them on! Darn! I had had them about 2 years or more, and they fit just perfect, were a black/gray heather denim, a nice straight leg…oh well.

  21. Mary

    I bought a pair of pleated swingy shorts at Macy’s last spring. They’re an interesting style: high-waisted with pockets and open pleats at the front and back – looks like a short skirt at a glance. On an impulse I bought them in camel AND in navy, not knowing how to style them, and thought for sure I’d wear the camel more often (and probably just return the navies).
    Surprise, the navy ones turned out to be my summer staple. Paired with a slim top and mid-height heels or flats, possibly a blazer, I wore those shorts into the ground. They’re packed away for winter, but I can’t wait to bust them out again in spring!

  22. FutureLint

    Beautiful colors and I love the detail on the scarf! I have to agree on the unexpected staple of the mustard skirt – so much so that I own four (wool pencil, cotton full skirt, linen a-line, and a corduroy!) Oops!

  23. Patience

    I have that exact skirt in navy. I snagged it out of the sale room at Anthro. I love it because it’s so comfortable and versatile. Nice color combination.

  24. Jenny

    Wonderful outfit! The blue and mustard and magenta are so gorgeous. You look just fabulous. I don’t have any unexpected staples as my wardrobe is so small that everything is a staple!

  25. Janet

    I love that color combo!

    I have some super-comfy bright green pants I wish could become a staple, but I get odd comments when I’ve worn them. I’m going to work on my bravery. Your website is very inspirational that way!

  26. laniza

    I’m on the hunt for a mustard skirt; I saw one at my local thrift store last week, but sadly, it didn’t fit ;(!

  27. Becky

    There is this dress with a tulle-ish skirt that has very surprisingly become a staple. It’s an easy way to add interest to any outfit. And being plain black and sleeveless, it can make many outfits indeed.

    I love your outfit today and my first thought was Snow White! I have a similar cardigan, also thrifted but it is Charlotte Russe. At first I thought it was the same.

  28. Francesca

    SAL!!! Love your color choices — you have such a knack for combining colors. I think my favorite outfits of yours are the ones where you put together colors in a way I wouldn’t have considered. Such panache!

  29. Kelly

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the fit of the field skirt like? I’m considering snagging one on eBay and I’m curious as to how the sizing runs!