Daily Outfit: 10/26/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring houndstooth duster jacket, Athleta dress, Diesel Go-go boots, Banana Republic belt, Silvercocoon earrings

Houndstooth duster/dress, vintage – similar/cardigan
Dress, Athleta Organic Cotton Radiant Dress
Belt, Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Boots, Diesel Go-go (no longer available) – similar – more Diesel boots
Earrings, courtesy Silvercocoon

As you can probably guess, this “duster” is actually a vintage dress worn open. Buttoned up, it makes me look like a houndstooth-festooned milk jug. With legs. Worn open, it still needs a belted inner layer for definition, but it’s considerably more flattering. An eye-catching piece, to be sure, and for that I adore it. Something about oversized houndstooth just makes me happy.

Today I was amazed to find that matching my earrings to my boots created an interesting sense of cohesion within this outfit. I may have done the same thing in dozens of other outfits before, but the concept just clicked today.

Have you had any recent dressing-related revelations?

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27 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 10/26/11”

  1. Kookoo

    I’m always trying to create a long line, but end up emphasizing my troubling tummy when I over layer with a scarf or jacket. My mirror has caught the misstep more times than I’d like to admit. But your outfit shows a great way to layer and slim. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Becky

    I resurrected two dresses by wearing one as a duster. One I loved, but being denim it was an eye catcher and felt redundant to wear it to often. The other was this shapeless thing with a pink floral pattern fit for grade school graduation. Yet grabbing a brown leather belt and wearing the denim over the pink, it really worked better than I thought, especially with brown tights and brown suede boots.

  3. Margaret

    I don’t have a RECENT revelation, but quite a while ago when I learned you could layer a skirt over a dress and use the dress as a top, it was as if the heavens have opened me to a new world of possibility. I never looked at dresses the same way again.

  4. déjà pseu

    Love that duster/dress, and also the gorgeous autumn foliage in the background. You look like you are in a fall fashion catalogue!

  5. Olga

    Wow! That looks great – oh how I’d like to have a duster like that….

  6. Desiree

    I love your hair so, so much!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, check out those cheekbones! The houndstooth duster/dress is a real beauty on you and looks magical against the autumn leaves. Thank you so much for your good wishes Sal:)) xo

  7. coffeeaddict

    Love this outfit, the houndstood is so retro, but you give it such a modern and fresh vibe 🙂
    Recent revelations:
    Cognac sneakers worn with an all black ensemble and some nice gold metal earrings. My latest favourite combo.

  8. Anna

    I always avoid button-front dresses because they gap in front when I sit down. Next time I go thrifting I’ll specifically look for button-fronts with potential as dusters. I almost always wear a third layer anyway (jackets, loose unbuttoned shirts) and now can vary that look with longer lengths. Brilliant! Thanks, Sally.

  9. The Cheap Chick

    To answer your questions, YES! From this post! I have a long duster-cardi and I’ve been struggling with styling it, as it doesn’t fasten nicely in the front. Now I know to try it over a dress with boots!

    Sometimes, you just need that visual cue, and everything clicks. Thanks, Sally!

  10. Viola

    been reading for a year, never commented, but this outfit is so wonderful, I had to share. It’s my favorite yet!

  11. Katha Strophe

    You look great and your haircut is so lovely!
    I just ordered a houndstooth pencil skirt and can’t wait until it’s finally here.