Daily Outfit: 11/10/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring black jersey maxi skirt, asymmetric wool blazer, John Fluevog Heidi boots, onyx earrings

Blazer, thrifted – similar neckline, same brand
Jersey maxi skirt, Express (no longer available) – similar
Silk maxi skirt as slip, thrifted – similar
Earrings, Lulidesigns
Boots, John Fluevog Heidi

Today, I felt compelled to wear winter layers. There’s a 3/4-sleeve tee under the blazer and a second, silk, floor-length maxi beneath the jersey one. Why all the bundling? Because … because … there were SNOWFLAKES flying around when I took my walk this morning. Not tons and they didn’t accumulate, but still. Snowflakes. And cold, cold wind.

Plus this soft, sculptural wool blazer had been waiting patiently to get worn ever since I pounced upon it back in late August. I don’t mean to make this into Thrift Gloating Week, but will you get a load of that detailing? Gorgeous. And it’ll look equally fab with jeans and shorter skirts. And it’s Lauren by Ralph Lauren. And it cost me a whopping $6.

If I could bottle and sell my thrift luck, I’d make a mint, I swear.

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34 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 11/10/11”

  1. Kookoo

    Beautiful jacket. I’m mourning the lost of my last thrifted embroidered thanksgiving jacket which my husband shrunk with good natured laundry duty. Grrr, found it today, hidden, but haven’t thrown it out yet. Ho hum.

  2. Tia

    …I would definitely buy a bottle of your thrift luck, and use it any time I need to buy pants and jackets. Geesh! That jacket is just utterly gorgeous. I love the cut of it.

  3. Em

    LOVE this outfit. It has a cool, almost steampunky/sci-fi edge to it. Like the outfit some femme fatale would wear when not kicking butt. XD

  4. Fab

    I love how simple, yet chic and elegant you look in this!! Your hair looks great!! I want a black maxi skirt like, noowwww!!!!

  5. Cynthia

    You could always thrift things in my size and make a mint selling them to me on Etsy. In my neighborhood thrifting is bleak and I don’t usually want to spend the half hour each way driving up to the rich ‘hoods around Lake Norman (though I hear thrifting is much easier there).

  6. Lisa

    Sally, I think you look so beautiful in this outfit. Almost as though you were born in the Edwardian era, and it’s been waiting for you to show up all this time.

  7. nicky

    The thrift store in my town(Goodwill) would charge at least $20. for that blazer. And they mark up for designer clothes. They sell Target clothes for almost as much as you would pay new at the store.

  8. Anna

    Oh, my. What a gorgeous outfit—so pulled together. If I were a few sizes smaller and lived any closer, you would have to lock your doors to hang on to that jacket. As it is, I’m going to look for a pattern with similar lines (better a sewist than a thief, anyway). Inspiration!

  9. The Bun

    Oh man, that snow. My co-worker had to listen to me yelling “NO! THIS IS NOT OK!” at the window. I grew up a little further south, and even going on 3 years up here in the frozen north, the winter still scares me.
    I do love that outfit! I wanted one of those jersey skirts this summer, but they were sooooo looooonnngggg I couldn’t deal with it. I can’t be wearing 6 inch platforms every time I wear a casual soft skirt. You not-shorties are lucky sometimes!

  10. Elspeth @ paper armour

    I’d pay money for your thrift luck, goodness knows I need it! I’ve found a handful of pieces that I love but I’m still getting used to the hunting and hard work it requires.

  11. Jen

    OK, first that amazing black coat the other day and now this blazer… I need some of that thrifting luck!! Let me know when you figure out how to bottle it and I’ll place my order. 😉

  12. Sara

    I would *pay* a mint for thrifting luck! I never find treasures, which is a huge bummer. 🙁

  13. Anuska

    Love the jacket. However, the skirt lower end repeats the flare at bottom end of the jacket. I think taking some of the fullness out of the skirt starting at knee or just below the knee would make for an even more pleasing look.

    Your lipstick shade is perfect for your coloring.

    • Anna

      To my eye, the repeated flare is one of the strengths of this look.
      Just saying.

  14. Lisa W.

    That blazer was obviously made for you, just waiting for you to find it!
    Beauuuutiful, Sal!