Daily Outfit: 1/11/11

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 1/11/11 featuring circle skirtTeal silk cardigan, Banana Republic (no longer available) – similar
Teal long-sleeved tee, Target (no longer available) – similar
Teal silk skirt, via eBay – similar, more silk full skirts
Teal tights, don’t remember – similar
Gray shell pearls, gift – similar
Gunmetal gray leather belt, courtesy ManoBello
Gunmetal gray slingbacks, Tahari via Marshalls – similar

This cardigan is no longer available because I bought it in high school. That feels like such a triumph for me. It has lasted, it still fits, it’s a fantastic color, and I still love to wear it. ROCK.

Already Pretty Daily Outfit 1/11/11 featuring circle skirt

And yes, I’m wearing head-to-toe teal if you don’t count the gunmetal gray accessories. This skirt arrived in the mail yesterday and I just couldn’t resist building an outfit around it. Somehow, monochrome seemed like the best bet!

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45 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 1/11/11”

  1. Portia

    So love teal. It’s one of those delicious colours that just makes your mouth water. Great outfit. I have almost identical shoes, cardi and tights, lol!

  2. Anne

    What’s cool about this outfit is how well all of the slightly different shades of teal compliment each other. That skirt is beautiful, I don’t blame you for wearing it right away!

  3. Kimberly

    If I had just received that skirt in the mail I would have had to wear it too!! So pretty and the mono look is marvelous!

  4. Elle

    Love the monchromity (i think I just made up a word. oh well :P). Teal is a beautiful color.

  5. Rosie

    Haha! I have a very similar silk cardigan from BR from way back in the day, too! Has held up unlike any other sweater.

  6. Donna

    The teal is fabulous on you! Love the skirt especially…although the gunmetal peep-toes run a close second.

  7. joann, sidewalk chic

    I’m in awe that you’ve had that sweater for so long. Isn’t it cool when pieces stick around and become such a part of our styles?

    I always love your monochrome looks — they’re very inspiring!

  8. Sarah

    As gorgeous as ever and in one of my favourite colours. I always learn something from you Sal – today I am learning that you can totally build an outfit around a single colour without it looking silly. You rock! (And high school cardigan rocks too.)

    Sarah xxx

  9. lucky

    So pretty! Love the shine in the skirt. The BR sweater looks new! The shoes are perfect with the outfit. What color coat would you wear with this?

    • Sal

      Oh gosh! It’s so cold here, I just throw my down parka over everything and it’s black. But in my ideal world? Brick red or magenta. And if those aren’t available, gray to match the accessories.

      • lucky

        Wow, Brick red or Magenta would be a knock out combo. I know what you mean, though, about the big down coat over everything.

  10. Erin

    Oooh, I love this one! Gorgeous. And, props to you for shopping at Banana in high school. I think most of my clothes that weren’t flannel (does that date me or what?) came from, like, the Buckle or something. I have loved teal and gray since then though. Fun!

  11. EE K

    You look gorgeous in teal! And your cardi looks brand new! I guess you can’t beat good quality and taste ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Carrie

    Teal – yummy color and you look sooo pretty! I love how sleek yet curvy (sorry, might not be saying that correctly) the monochromatic silhouette looks!

  13. rb

    I love a head to toe one-color outfit, especially with all the different textures and gradations of the color. Love it. Good on you!

  14. angela

    Oh my you look gorgeous in this! Stunning actually. I am inspired by your color combinations! It’s what keeps me coming back! (among other things)

  15. Clare

    Yowza! Loving the monochrome look, Sal! And kudos on the high school cardigan. I think the only remaining remnants of my high school closet are a pair of boxy cargo shorts that Joe could probably fit into.

  16. Elissa

    I love the teal with gunmetal gray! That’s such an unexpected color combination. You look so vibrant and happy in it!

  17. Krystle

    great color!! it’s my first time stopping by your blog and I love the teal!! I am in a teal tank under a sweater today… I just bought it and I want to add more to my wardrobe for sure!! Looks like I need to check out BR. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Elizabeth

    See, I would have worried that all the tones didn’t match, but I think that it looks great! I should worry less about matching precisely.

  19. Fabienne Jach

    If I didn’t know better I’d say, “high school? What’s the big deal?” But you have mentioned your age before and being around the same age, I must assume you placed in safely in a time capsule! I have one very old Flock of Seagulls t-shirt in a box somewhere…

    Teal agrees with you, I’m a big fan of it myself.