Daily Outfit: 11/7/11

Already Pretty outfit featuring maroon Eileen Fisher sweater coat, ponte pants, Marimekko dress, Frye Harness 12R, chain bracelet, April Kawaoka Swirly Keen earrings

Maroon sweater coat, Eileen Fisher (no longer available) – similar
Printed dress, Marimekko via Finnstyle – more Marimekko
Ponte pants – Macy’s
Boots, Frye Harness 12R
Bracelet, thrifted – similar (gold)silver
Earrings, Swirly Keen courtesy April Kawaoka

I had the cutest outfit planned for today, friends. But when I woke this morning, I found myself in the throes of painful, violent, relentless … er … let’s just call ’em intestinal woes. And the last thing I wanted was a pair of skinny jeans squeezing my tum and nethers. So out came the ponte, the jersey, and the engulfing sweater coat. Plus those fabulously slipper-like Fryes. The skinnies can wait until my innards have stopped rebelling.

I made the grave mistake of visiting local boutique Finnstyle a few weeks back. As a bona-fide Marimekko fangirl, I should’ve known that place would hurt my savings account. This dress was one of two that leapt into my arms and demanded life in my closet. I complied. Quite happily.

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22 Responses to “Daily Outfit: 11/7/11”

  1. Emily

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well! Hope your innards improve rapidly. Wild combination, of maroon and brilliant cerulean and red!

    • Sal

      Thanks, lady! Not as wild as it looks, though. Didn’t get the detail but there’s maroon in the pattern. Honest.

  2. Carolyn

    I am thoroughly impressed because if I felt at all icky, I would be in stretchy pants with cartoon gnomes on them in the blink of an eye.

    And you definitely need to post a picture without the jacket so we can fully gather how well you’re rocking this dress. With a pattern that bold, it’s just screaming, “Release me!”

  3. d.a.

    I recently purchased a grey pair of Frye 12R’s like you’re wearing. Looking forward to seeing what else you pair up with them! So far for me, it’s been either tucked skinny blue jeans or boot cut blue jeans.

  4. Jen

    Haha me too! But mostly due to the late night oysters and Caesars I consumed! (Didn’t help that I mistook the scotch bonnet sauce for plain ole seafood sauce and had a heaping spoonful.)

    You look lovely!

  5. Megan Mae

    I can definitely understand why that dress went home with you – adorable! I’m drooling over the ebay options.

  6. Erika A

    You make having a yucky day look fabulous! Sorry to hear about the gut woes. 🙁

  7. Pam @over50feeling40

    I am sure what you had planned was a great outfit, but I really like this one. Love the sweater coat. Hope you feel better soon…stomach pain is just the worst.

  8. Bubu

    Seriously? I’m home sick right now in cat-print fleece pajamas and slippers… you cannot look that good and be sick! Love that dress- so jealous you have that Finnstyle store near you (though that would wreak havoc on my bank account too…

  9. Linda

    I looooove that Marimekko print! I think I would like the outfit better with flats than boots, but from the coat I’m guessing it’s cold (unlike Boston where it’s freakishly warm). Feel better soon.

  10. ki.

    Get well soon 🙂

    and might I add that you look as fabulous as you always do! Not sick at all!

  11. FutureLint

    Oh no! Hope you’re doing better by now and you still look insanely chic for being sick! I use that as a time to bust out the oldest of pajamas!

  12. Susan

    I think the coat looks great on you! And not so engulfing. People who look comfortable in their clothing generally look better, I think. Cute dress too.

  13. Tabitha

    Oh, so adorable. 😀 I love everything in your outfit. I have to say that your coat is my favourite, though. It is so lovely.

  14. Mia

    Sal! Sal. It is all your dang fault that I’m obsessively stalking a Marimekko skirt covered in giraffes on eBay, Sal! Yup, I hold no responsibility in this, it’s all you.

    While I’ve got one eye on the giraffes, let me just say that I’m really enjoying all the maroon here, particularly those ponte pants. I’m sure you’re feeling better by now, but my best wishes for your well-being are being transmitted across the country anyhow.

    • Mia

      Also, there’s a very curious review for these pants on the Macy’s site:

      “It looks burgandy on the monitor but actually it’s redish purple which I would never have in my closet.
      I like blueish purple but redish purple makes me look really POOR.
      If you don;t have any bias about the color, it might be OK.”

      Poor? I don’t quite know what to make of that. Anyhow, it’s a shame they’re sold out except for 8p, I’d had half a mind to purchase some.